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Women's Sunday

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  • Women's Sunday

    Here's another hand from the Women's Sunday, I couldn`t fold this hand, if I didn`t chip up I was done.
    Last edited by joy7108; Tue Feb 21, 2012, 08:44 AM. Reason: wrong hand
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    Good move far as I can tell. I'm not folding kings here. For one, there's only 1 hand that has me beat, and the odds of KK and AA being dealt in the same had are even smaller than the 1/221 for pocket aces. Second: There's a good chance both the other peeps have an ace in their hand, which minimizes the chance of them hitting, which would mean they'd need to hit at least two cards then to beat the kings.

    You could fold not wanting to play a 4-way pot here, but with a 12 BB stack, what are you waiting for if not kings. This is a shove anyday...

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      nh ,played how it should of been,no problems there joy, in they go every time, its either bust or big stack,perfect +ev spot.


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        Hi Joy! While I'd rather be up against less opponents, so that I've got a better chance to win the hand, having a premium pocket pair against multiple opponents is not necessarily a bad thing. In this situation, I've got a made hand already and there is also a good chance that more than one opp could have a big ace.... which compromises their outs against me. UTG as a short stack should be shoving wide (so let's put their range into stove as any pair, A, K, broadway or suited). The next player, let's give a 20% range, since they know the first is shoving light. The third player should have a better hand, so let's give them a top 10% range. Against these types of ranges, KK is a 51% favorite in the hand... not only for a double up, but for a quadruple up. Especially in a situation where I know that I need chips, being the favorite for a double-up is a great situation to be in. For a quadruple-up, it's an even higher +EV situation. I like the preflop shove here and would make the exact same play.umbup: Hope this helps and good luck at the tables. John (JWK24)

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