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  • Quad A's

    Did I play this hand well? I was slow playing so I didn't scare him off becasue of the board. I knew if i had bet he would of just folded so I did a value bet. Could I of squeezed him for more? Brookes18

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    You could tell us what he had.
    You can see mucked hands in the replay if they come to showdown - which is a good thing sometimes.

    Still you could certainly have tried betting something on the turn at least, come on


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      If he would have folded then yes I would have slow played but I would have at least min. bet on turn then hammer down on river. (He could have had full boat)


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        Hi Brookes,

        I think I would raise this preflop. Discourage him from limping into our blind, take the pot sometimes and build a pot when we do hit an Ace.

        On this flop, I think a check here is ok, we're likely pretty far ahead. Give him a chance to take a stab or catch a pair on the turn. On the turn I think we absolutely have to bet here. It's very unlikely for us to have an Ace since there's only 1 left AND we didn't raise preflop. An 8 would also be unlikley since we didn't bet on the flop.

        If he's not going to call a bet on the turn is probably unlikely he'll call a bet on the river. So we don't lose much value folding him out if we bet on the turn. On the bright side if he's slow playing something also like pocket pair or an eight it gives him the option to build a pot now with confidence that he's not going to lose us. If he's calling with a K high or something we may even get another street of value out of him on the river.

        Looks like a good finish though. Always nice to get headsup

        Quad Bracelet Winner


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          Hi Brookes18! I like Andy's idea of raising preflop when I'm playing heads-up, as I try most of the time to raise or fold. However, if the opp is limping over and over, I could also just check preflop and look to outplay the opp on the flop. If I did check preflop, then I'm absolutely going to be the flop here. With two aces on the board, the opp is most likely not expecting me to have one.... and may get my flop value bet called by less hands due to it. If I did raise preflop, then I could make a case for checking the flop, then betting the turn. One thing that I try not to do when playing heads-up is to check two streets in a row. I'll do it sometimes if I've got showdown value on the turn and river, but normally not on the flop and turn. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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