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77 vs 99

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  • 77 vs 99

    Should I of called his raise? At the early stages he was playign tight then going to this point he started to loosen up quite a lot.

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    pre flop- 81.55% v 18.45%

    flop-91% v 9%

    turn-95.5% v 4.5%

    river-100% v 0%

    Hello Brookes, above is roughly your percentages , preflop call was fine for set mining.
    However, there was opportunities to steal the pot and take it down as the opponent played the hand passive.


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      Originally posted by holdemace486 View Post
      preflop call was fine for set mining.
      This is actually not true. Setmining requires certain conditions that don't exist here (you can look up some good articles on the subject pretty easily to find out what those are). Given that you're effectively on 11 adjusted big blinds, this is a super-easy shove spot if you think the opponent is opening a lot of hands, or a pretty good fold if you think they're a nit on the button. Do not call in this spot, because you might invite the big blind to call as well (which means there would be two people who could outflop you instead of one), and it makes your hand tricky to play postflop because medium pocket pairs play very badly out of position.


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        Thanks for taking the time to analyse this hand.
        It looks like I have quite a lot of learning to do and I'll take this on board.
        I was thinking that I should'bve tried to steal the pot on the turn but he had played quite a few hands slow.


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          Hi Brookes18! What type of tourney was this from? The answer to this would play into what I would do. I agree with Panicky's assessment that the stacks are a bit small for setmining, as I'd like to have 15-20BB stacks (or obviously more opponents in the pot). If this was a 50-50 tourney, so that I'd be on the exact bubble. I'm looking at this as a shove/fold situation. If the opp was playing extremely tight, I'd be more apt to fold. If the opp was playing looser, then I'd shove over them here. The opp would be the player at risk and there are 950 chips in the pot to win if the player folds (since they are the 2nd largest stack, they are going to be less likely to call a shove without a monster... and if they have a monster hand, this is where good bankroll management comes into play). If this was a single table tourney (top 3 get paid), then I'd be trying to play this the same way but if I had a specific read on the opp that they would fold to a flop shove, I may just call preflop, then shove any flop. Against most opps, it's better to shove preflop when in this situation though. By just calling their bet, I would have made a value bet on the flop to also get info about the opp's hand. If they're scared of an ace, I can take the pot down there, if they call, then I can check/fold the turn if I didn't get a 7. With only having a pair of 7's, there will almost always be one or two overcards on the flop and being out of position, this makes for a very tough, tricky play. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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