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pretty sure I read him right.

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  • pretty sure I read him right.

    I'm sure I made the right call here, postflop, was sure he was pushing with nothing, ergo my shove, flopped top pair, and an open ended straight draw, when he pushed it felt like an AK shove, so, I made the call, and sure enough, I've got him postflop, until..........Whammy, Joker Stars hits the twist of fate button.

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    You may have to realize how I play to perform a proper hand analysis.

    this was my original thought.

    if you look, the blinds are 40/80. I made a call, UTG, with 67 suited,(as I do from time to time, so I don't just sit and get blinded to death.) The call UTG with thew raise, I figured it was a donk, with a raise of 560 into a 480 pot, that's why I called preflop.

    postflop, with the c-bet, I figured it was just that, and if I raised, my opp would surely back out, ergo my shove, and well, the replayer shows the rest.

    I guess what I'm asking for isn't really hand analysis, as it is just an analysis of my postflop play.

    When I LAG I'm looking to get in good play against either complete donks, or complete nits that fold pre, or fold when they don't hit the flop.
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      Hi m8t I like the idea of how you sore it, but for me the flop bet was a under bet looking like you missed the board,I would of jammed not alowing the opp to come over the top


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        hey stake
        The only time I limp UTG is when I have a sore toe.
        I have had some sick beats lately aswell.


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          Ok, I'm going to assume that you were playing LAG because you thought he was a donk? If you were two things come instantly to mind. 1) He's a donk, so he is most likely going to overplay just about anything, including hand that would give him a straight, a straight draw and a flush draw. 2) donks tend to be very aggressive in the early stages of an MTT (which I'm assuming this is, going by the blinds), so its unlikely you're LAG stance would put him off.

          Generally - this is, what, level 1 or 2 of a tourny? you first play 67s UTG for 7BB? And you go all in on a pair of six's, on a board were a donk such as this could have hit a two pair, a straight and a flush draw, 2 of which beats what you got, and the other stands a 36% chance of hitting. That is way too loose. Way, way too loose.

          Don't misunderstand me, I do see your reasoning, and this could actually work, but it is so early in the tourney to play this way against this type of player is just reckless to me.
          'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'


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            Hi Stakehorse75! I wouldn't limp from UTG, especially early in a tourney while the maniacs are still in. I could be playing 67s from UTG, but to help conceal my hand, I'm making a std raise. By doing this, the opp won't know whether I've got a monster, specualtive hand, or air. With limping with 67s, when the opp in late position makes a larger than std raise, I'm cutting my losses and getting out of the hand here. Especially, after limping, it's not like I'm losing much (1BB) and an opp making a larger raise than normal will most of the time have a hand that is way ahead of 67s. The flop gives top pair and an OESD. I like leading here and would be making a bet that would price in my draws. The preflop raiser now shoves. The opp's betting line here of a larger raise than normal preflop, then shoving any flop is exactly what a big pocket pair would normally do. Knowing that, I wouldn't think that my pair of 6's would be ahead here. To call their shove, it would be 2100 chips into a pot of 6810 (30.8%). I have 8 outs from the OESD, two 6's and three 7's, for 13 outs... IF.. they're all good. 13 outs * 4% equity per out is 52%. That means that my hand DOES have the equity to call the opp's shove, as 52% hand equity is larger than the 30.8% pot equity. Calling the opp's shove on the flop is the correct mathematical play, but I think the better play is to muck preflop to the opp's larger than standard raise. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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