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isolation shove gone wrong

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  • isolation shove gone wrong

    $1.50 turbo 45 man SnG. There's 19 players left and 7 get paid. I've thought a long while about this hand. I have the pocket pair on the button, the short stack in the CO shoves. Calling isn't an option. I'm not going to put 7 of my 20 BBs in with the risk of either of the blinds reshoving. If they would, I'd have to call anyway, so better make the shove myself to isolate the short stack. Of course we don't end up at the lucky end of the pot - both opponents hold a king and the king shows on the flop. Oh crap. Anyway - should I have mucked the pocket 7s, or was my shove the right thing to do? As I said, I don't think calling is an option here. ------------------------------------------------- keeping track of my poker semi-career:
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    i would have done the same thing. Trying to isolate was the correct play IMO. Even though they both held a K and one came on the flop, i guess this is where they say that over time if that situation was played over and over again the positive outcome would lean towards your favor. Good Play, unlucky flop even though 2 kings were left in the deck and it just happens that one turned out on the flop. I guess that in this situation it would also be the same as you hitting set on flop, catching one of your 2 sevens left in the deck.


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      Hi Ov3rsight! I like the overshove here to try and isolate the short stack. The short stack's shove range is going to be wide here and 77 will be the favorite over much of their range (K3o is even below what I'd normally range them with). By overshoving, it also makes it tougher for the others to call, as they know that they will be in a multiway pot. Against the two opps hands, 77 is a 55.6% favorite to almost triple the chips that are invested into the pot. That's going to make this a +EV play and is a hand that I'll play in this situation. The only way that I'd consider mucking 77 here would be if I had a read on the original shover that they were playing extremely tight and only playing premium pairs... which most likely isn't the case with a short stack shove. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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