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#2 0.10 360 turbo

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  • #2 0.10 360 turbo

    Sorry i couldn't include any stats.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    First 2 limpers are not loose limper (only 10 hands on them). 3rd limper are playing ATC. What the move?
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    2nd caller don't have a loose stats. That moment i feel i had some fold equity. How? Thank you.

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    Fold, (Fold or shove)


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      fold fold
      gl y all
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        Hi Keldraco,

        In Both I'm Raising all in with our stack size.

        We need the chips If we get folds great but we at at the point were we need a doulbe up if we are to run deep.

        This is ideal spot in second to steal blinds and the all in had under 2 BB so we really should be ahead of range

        Now how many players are left?

        are we short stacked because of a run of bad luck or are we playing tight?

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          Hi , with both of these hands, been in a turbo, I would push on them both with the size of your stack compared to the blinds.
          This is good ev+ type situations to try to get some chips with my understanding of +ev that is.
          May be wrong but thats my thoughts.


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            Hi Keldraco! These two hands are more interesting. Hand 1: Were the first two limpers normally limping or std raising? If this is out of character, then at least one of them has a hand, since they're not loose. The ATC station, I'm not so much worried about. If the first two were not in the hand and it was just the ATC player, I'm shoving here.... BUT... with two of the tighter players already in the hand, one, if not both are ahead of me and due to that, I'm mucking. I put it into pokerstove with the two tighter players having a top 10% hand and the stationy one even as ATC... KJ only has 18% equity here, which can be even less if someone behind that is not in the hand would also call. There won't be enough chips in the pot to make this a positive EV play, since I'm going to win less than 1 in every 5. Hand 2: 55 on the button with a short-stack shove and a call. This one IS a shove for me here. The shove with basically 1BB left can be ATC. If the caller had a better hand, if I were in their seat, I'd be raising here in order to isolate the short stack. By calling, while they could have a pocket pair, I'd be ranging them more on two high cards. If they did have two high cards, then I'm in a race.. which exactly what I want to be in with a smaller pair and not many chips. Hopefully by shoving, instead of calling, I can isolate the caller for the sidepot and be ahead in a coin flip. If I'm in the coin flip, then this one will be a +EV play. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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