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A question of value

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  • A question of value

    ok how do we get max value from this! villain is loose when driving but i think i did ok but not sure gl y all
    6 Time Bracelet Winner

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    hey moose,

    what a flop

    i think i will min raise the turn so that if he is drawing he will be force to call and shove the river you want full value against loose and big stack opp


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      Not a fan of flatting pre with under 15bb. You have an excellent reshove stack, so if you think KQs is doing well against the villain's range, push it.

      Otherwise, I have trouble in spots like this as well. Minraising the turn could set you up to have a river shove called, or it could scare the guy out right away. Not sure which is better. I like the river bet as played, though. The guy's probably not triple-barrelling.


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        Hi wetmoose613!

        Here's the line that I like to take in this situation.

        Preflop: I could really play this either way. I'm playing the hand out of position, so I can easily shove or flat, depending on how the opp's playing. A read on them would really mean a lot to me here, as that's what I'd base my decision on.

        When I flop the nuts OOP, without the lead, I'll automatically check to the preflop raiser. I'd do that with either a monster or air, so it won't look suspicious. Also, most of the time, the opp with the lead will make a c-bet (as they do here) and I'm flatting it. I want to keep the opp in the hand as long as possible, to extract more value.

        On the turn, since the opp did c-bet, I'm going to check again on the turn and hope that they fire another barrel. I don't want to lead into them and if they do bet, I'm only calling. The last thing I would want to do is to raise here, as it can get the opp to fold. I want to give the opp every chance that I can to see the river (and hope the river makes a hand for them).
        If the opp did not bet the flop, then I'd throw out a very small thin value bet (like I'm making a blocking bet, hoping to hit another spade to a single spade in my hand).

        On the river, since I've got the absolute nuts, I want to lead out with a value bet, the size of which being whatever I think that the opp will call. I don't want to check, hoping to check/raise, as the opp may just then check down the hand.

        If I was in postion, I'm check/calling down to the river.. then value betting or value raising the river.

        Hope this helps (and with that flop, you've got the luck part already down).

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          ty gents i did ok
          we could apply this to any made monster hand eh (flushs quads fh)

          gl y all
          Last edited by wetmoose 613; Fri Feb 17, 2012, 05:46 PM. Reason: language
          6 Time Bracelet Winner



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