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looking for advice on my mindsets?

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  • looking for advice on my mindsets?

    hi pso members my name is jimmycheen, i need advice on how to control my emotions i have recently had to come honest with myself everytime i put money on i loose it very rapid going into tourney's one after the other cashes are at a minimum an all time low i use to be o'k i notice when i have money i play different than wen i don't have money like in freerolls open skill leauge and the likes i can have all the patience in the world but as soon as i put money on the desire to win gets alot bigger and i start to make really bad decisions how do i change this has any1 benn through this and how did u learn to stop it?

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    Been there, done that. Blew a $300 bankroll in 2 months. My solution was a break: stopped playing altogether for well over a year until the bug bit me again. Since then, I've been playing smaller stakes, and winning at them. That's good for confidence. But you'll need to play and get used to the stakes you're playing. Play enough to figure out how most people play, and use that.

    If you feel you're not making rational decisions anymore, just walk away for the rest of the day or so.

    Most important: at lower stakes, accept that most players don't really know what they're doing - they'll be chasing the thinnest of draws, and from time to time they will catch it for sucking out big. It happens. Once you accept that, the game becomes a lot more fun

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      Hi jimmycheen! Welcome to the forum. Patience is one of the big keys. When I play tourneys, I'll have the same attitude towards them, whether it's a freeroll, small buy-in or large buy-in. Being anxious and wanting to shove much too quickly was something that took me a bit of time to get past too. It's something that I learned the hard way, and not getting your emotions into the game is something that will take time to do. Hang in there and make sure that you learn from every tourney that you're in. This will get a player to make better and better decisions.... and the results will follow from making the correct decisions. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)
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        thanks for your response guy's ya i'm back now after a 6month break my account was frozen till i learnd my lesson it seems i picked up where i left off on pay day i play awfull and loose my money fairly quick i lost 40 dollers in sit n go's and mtt's ahh next week i am going to play only small levels and try to be alot more patient thanks for your advise mucho appreciation


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          hi jimmy as much as mind set is needed to become a wining player, also is a solid bankroll management. I to was always guilty of continuous play, game after game blowing my bankroll in a few short hours .
          In between games I now find to just have a short break, either go for a walk and cigarette or just have a browse on the forum and post some opinions or ask a question or two. What you are on about is mostly why people loose on here, making bad decisions , because myself for example would loose one, jump into the next one and thinking was not positive or still fuming from a beat .
          Just step back for an hour after each game having a short break, set yourself a routine.


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            Imo if you spend time on poker try reading first some articles on the web from tommy angelo and jared tendler.
            They give some good advice's.


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              jimmy there are some great videos in the trainning archive and great live classes where you can ask the questions with the class .live makes learning fun without hurting you finacialy meet some great ppl too, makes playing tourneys fun ,make freinds and take there money ,oops i mean give some money lol your in the right place with these forums also



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