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$5.50 Women's League

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  • $5.50 Women's League

    I'm in the money (6 paid) and guaranteed at least 15 points (20 for first, 18 for second and 16 for third). Blinds are at 500/1000 with a 125 ante, my opponents have 15K each and I have 9K. There has not been a single hand go to showdown since we got to 4 handed play, but everyone seems to be playing TAG. What is the optimal play here??
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    Very tough spot imo, but I'm thinking about it from an STT persective, so maybe it's not. I definitely call here, unless I have 100+ hands on the shover saying they're not shoving 88. It's tough to call off your stack with the read you've given, but unless you're against a total nit, I think you have enough equity vs. their range to call. Just do so with the understanding that you'll usually be looking at two overcards.

    Can't wait to visit this thread later. Need some MTT specialists to pop in.


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      Hi Joy! I absolutely like the shove here for these reasons. You're already ITM, so the next goal is to get a win. There also isn't much of a points difference between 4th and 3rd (1 pt). To move up to the better $$$ and points, it takes getting a top 2 finish. Sitting in 4th (last) with an under 10BB stack and pocket 10's, I'm looking for anyway to get a double up, as since I have less than 10BB, it's shove/fold time. With one opp already all-in, 10's is a decent shot to double. Against a top 10% hand, pkt 10's is a 52-48% favorite, if they're playing really tight (top 5%) then 10's is a 43-57% favorite. Being the table shortstack with an already made hand, I'll take those chances here and hope the BB folds. When the BB calls, even if both opps are playing a top 5% hand, 10's has a 27% chance to triple up. If the opps range is wider, then the hand equity for 10's goes up. I like taking the shot here with 10's and I'll make the exact same play. Nice triple-up. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Hi Joy,

        With 9 BBs I'm simply not folding TT. You're also getting almost 2 to 1, so there's pretty much no range you can fold to. I mean against [TT+ AQs+ AK] you're easily getting the right price. This is just a sick cooler. Also, yeah, yeah ICM, but those point payouts are so close that there is no real reason to be concern yourself with ICM. cEV is sufficient to call.
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          LOL, I meant to hide the results. It was a nice result for me, I just thought it was odd that both opponents had pocket aces. On a four handed table I really thought I would have the best hand. I was pretty sure the shove was the correct move here with the short stack.

          I ended up in second, I raised with KQo, my opponent shoved and I called. Opponent had 33 and i didn't improve.

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            Originally posted by joy7108 View Post
            On a four handed table I really thought I would have the best hand
            You do most of the time. But even heads-up it's possible to get aces.
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