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Call on the buuble or shove or let his have it?

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  • Call on the buuble or shove or let his have it?

    Another hand from Prem leauge. AQ again!! reads Bebyk has shown me two hands KK and QQ. He has played 4 hands out of 26 Jemaro only one QQ this is his second hand played. but its only sample of 26 hands as i recently moved to the table. P.Evgeny seems to be in every other hand an has blown off about 3/4 of the stack he had. as i'm thinking we go H4H, means 82 players left out of 535. What should be my play? Grade b
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    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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    Your hand for hand,but is the lowest stack at zero?
    If it is your most likely not the shortest stack and can shove here.

    Time down and open up other tables that have short stacks and see if they have gone allin.

    No sense sticking around to move up ten spots as the point break down doesnt make it very attractive. You are most likely ahead of both bigstacks and if the Big blind goes allin,it is what it is and you got it in good and should break even against a big stack.


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      I was in about 40th place at this point.

      Grade b
      I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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        Bubble play is a very important part of the game that a lot of players do not take advantage of.

        Quite often you can choose to min-cash or flip for the lead or a final table position.
        In poker no one should be playing for a min-cash and thats a hard thing to change about your game.

        I had a issue that gave me a higher than normal "in the money" or itm but I was min cashing way to much. Would just scrape in to the money and I was happy with that. But after some time I realized this was no way to make any serious money and even had a backer set me straight on this issue.
        The situation was a weak player had raised and a really good play had called. I didnt want anything to do with this player and raised to get heads up with the weaker player,it didnt work the weak player shoved and the good player shoved over top. I folded in disgust and my backer had been railing me and asked what I folded! AQs and I would have won the hand and knocked both of them out. What happened after was the good player took over the table and I had to wait for a hand and ended out 34th.. Funny I remember this so clearly. I would have flipped in this spot for at wortst a final table and beat myself up so bad that I checked to see if the good player final tabled and it ended out he won the whole deal. That could have been me and my backer had a good talk with me afterwards about playing for the win. He didnt want min cashes and that wasnt why he picked me. To be honest I still let it creep back in to my game afterwards but have killed this in my game after some hard work.

        Knowing the bubble is a place good players get aggressive allows you to push or call lighter as well. If its a bad player you should have a read on if they are pushing light or strong hands.
        Be more open to making a play here and you will see a big swing in your game.

        PSO is different to a extent,but I really hate giving advice that is not suited to real play.
        Hope that helps you some what Grade B.


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          Hi grade b! With the two players that are already in the hand showing down nothing lower than QQ, plus a SB that has been playing most hands that could easily outdraw ace high, let alone what the BB does.... this is an easy fold for me. There is no way to guarantee that I'm ahead here with AQs, so I'll take my chances after the bubble bursts, when I know that the opps will be playing much, much looser. Making it ITM is the first big points increase and I'm not going to take a chance risking it here, especially against two opps that have had QQ be the worst hand they've had at showdown, or possibly 4 opps. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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            TY both,
            Both of you have good advice as always.

            Have to agree PSO is differant but also agree about not aiming/settling for a min cash. but do you really what to risk bubbling out for a flip?

            If i think i can get 50% folds and flips the rest then maybe i go for it. In this game i did raise then push JJ (he flipped over 99 i think ) a little after this.

            Grade b
            I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

            13 Time Bracelet Winner



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