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saturday big $5.50

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  • saturday big $5.50

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    should i be more aggressive preflop?
    Last edited by milehigh0874; Sat Feb 11, 2012, 08:07 PM. Reason: add question

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    ***moved to tourney HA since it is not a LHE hand JWK24***

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      You mean should you have raised more? If your sole reason would have been to fold out KQ so that you don't get outflopped when the board comes exactly KQx, then no. For one thing, when the board comes KJx, you stand to make a ton of chips from the two guys who have KQ. But that's not really the point. The important point is whether or not your actions stood to make you money, or keep your losses small when making money was impossible.

      Raising preflop with AK? Sounds profitable. I think it's a good play. Raise size is fun to play around with; for example, if you're excellent at playing postflop in mutiway pots, then a minraise was probably the best possible option. I'm sure others will have comments on how much they would have raised, but the important point is that the idea to raise is correct, so it was a good play.

      C-betting top pair/top kicker on the flop? You're getting value from weaker hands, which are probably far more numerous than stronger hands. Also a profitable bet.

      Folding to a raise and then a reraise behind you? Folding seems obvious with only one pair. You mitigated your losses where there was no longer a profitable play. I like it.


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        Hi milehigh0874! What is your std raise for this level? Do you always min-raise? Bet sizes is the largest source of online tells that one can pick up on. Because of this, I always try to make the same raise at the same blind level, regardless of whether my hand is AA, 22, AK, or a totall bluff. Doing this will always keep the opps guessing as to what my hand is. At this blind level, my std raise is 2.5BB, so that's what I'd raise to preflop (1k) and I do this to conceal my hand. The flop gives TPTK, with a straight that could be out there already and many straight draws. Since I raised preflop, I would make a c-bet in this situation. The sizing of my c-bet is going to be based on how many opps are in the pot and how many outs there are for the draws, as I would want to price them out. With all higher cards for a straight draw, either opp could easily have a pair and also a straight draw (QJ, 9 10s, etc). If this was the case, then the opp has 4 outs to the staight, 3 outs to their non paired card and 2 outs to the paired card, for 9 outs. As long as I plan on betting the turn, which I do if a card misses the straight or the board, then I need to make sure that both opps pay more than 18% on the flop (and another 18% on the turn if the board misses). This will price out the opps and make calling a -EV play. By betting 1/2 pot, the first opp has to put in .5 into a pot of 2 (25%) and the second opp has to put .5 into a pot of 2.5 (20%). Both of these are above the 18% hand equity for a draw with a pair.... so I like the 1/2 pot bet and would make my bet sizing the exact same.umbup: The first opp raises and the second opp shoves. With this, I would put at least one of the opps on two pair and possibly a made straight. Either way, TPTK is not going to be ahead and due to this, I like the muck here and would do the exact same thing. As long as the preflop min-raise is your standard raise for this level, I like the way that the hand was played. If not, I would recommend looking at making standard raises as a way to conceal your hand so that the opps could not pick up any bet tells. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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