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Ace flush on the flop

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  • Ace flush on the flop

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    So were a few hands in and i hit the flop good. No reads still early and i am thinking let them build the pot. What would you do in this spot?
    Last edited by m.bisland; Fri Feb 10, 2012, 12:16 AM.

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    I would immediately sit out and switch the computer off so I can be blinded out of the tourney.

    --- Ask a cilly question - get a cilly answer --- Winston Churchill


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      Shove the rest of those chips and pray the board doesn't pair - I suspect one of them might have a set. The only other possible hand you need fear is the straight flush, and that hand should have folded to the raise. umbup:umbup:
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        [QUOTE=-- Ask a cilly question - get a cilly answer --- Winston Churchill[/QUOTE]

        Never folding here M.Bisland
        Just ship it in there you will win more times than you lose.


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          Hi M! Preflop, I like the std raise and would do the same thing. There's one caller and then the BB min 3-bets. This early, I'm calling it, but was this a play the opp had done before (where they would just hit the raise button)?? If not, then this would be of note. The flop comes 3 6 7 spades, giving me an A high flush. The min 3-better now makes about a pot size lead. 45s isn't normally a hand that I would expect a 3-bet with preflop, so I'd discount them having the str8 flush. Another read that would help would be if the opp was playing any suited cards (which could give them a straight flush draw). The most likely scenario in my opinion here is that the opp is making the pot bet to try and protect against a fourth spade hitting the board, which means that they could have two pair or a set. With the opp's basically pot size bet here, I like the call. I might get lucky and the other player could add extra value to the pot with the K or even the Q of spades too. If the opp has two pair, they have 4 outs, if they have a set, they have 7 outs and the pot size bet prices those options for either player out. The turn is the ace of clubs, which didn't help any of the draws. The BB now makes a small lead of 240 chips. This is a small enough bet that would price in the draws. Due to this and holding the A high flush, I have to raise here, as I want to price them out. To price them out, I'd need to make about a 2/3 pot bet. Since I don't have that much, I'm making the math as bad as I can for any of the draws and shoving here. A min raise of their 240 still prices in everything, so that option is basically the same as calling their bet, which is why I would not raise small here. I hope the hand worked out for you. If either opp had 45s or hit a full house on the river, then so be it... I'd want to do whatever I could to get the most chips into the pot with a made hand, along with doing whatever I can to make the plays a -EV play for either opp to draw at me. Also, if I was the BB, I'd have made a 3/4 to pot sized bet on the flop, then if I thought either of the other two already had a flush, made a small bet on the turn that would price in my draw. If I didn't put either of the others on a flush, then I'd have made another larger bet on the turn.. to price out a flush draw. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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            Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
            Well i thought it was mine for sure. All i could say was nh sir ill get u next time.



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