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AK lost in $1 x 45 player SNG

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  • AK lost in $1 x 45 player SNG

    Hi, After TheLangolier great live training on AK play I had a couple of of AK hand history emails to look at. 1) Bet sizing was 3x plus 2 for the limpers from the cut off - one caller - then a shove which I called. Only the second hand of the tournament should I have folded? The villain had just shoved 1500 over a min raise and two callers in the first hand. 2) From the BB I had been raised 4x and then min 3-bet the villain 4-bet and I shoved. Here I think I am ahead. One for pokerstove (just downloaded it). Don't have any table info' just my situation 12 BB behind facing a raise from a small to medium stack. Thanks

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    Here's my two cents.

    Hand 1
    It is very early in the tourney and you have only invested a small percentage of your stack - 100 chips. You can afford to fold. Secondly, you have no reads on the villian. Thirdly, his line looks like a medium pocket pair, meaning you are slightly behind. Lastly, and most importantly, you are the one calling, not shoving. So, no fold equity. It looks like a coin toss if you choose to call. If this is regular speed, I'm folding and waiting for a better situation. If it's a turbo, I might call, but probably folding more often than not.

    Hand 2
    This hand differs from the previous hand in two important ways. Firstly, the blinds are higher and there's a significant amount of chips in the pot when the action gets to you. Secondly, you have the opportunity to be the one shoving and gaining fold equity. I think you would have been better shoving rather than minraising in this spot. I would have shoved here 100% of the time.

    Let's here what the experts say...


    Roland GTX


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      Hi ForrestFive! In the first hand, there here are the key points, that in my eyes would lead to a fold. I absolutely would make the inital raise to 100 here and would do that everytime. UTG limp/calls our raise, then a mid position limp/shoves. With UTG limp/calling and still to act after us, they should have some type of playable hand, either speculative or a slowplayed monster. AK, while it's a hand with great potential, isn't a made hand yet and also plays much better against one hand (possible flip) than it does in a 3-way pot (approx 31% equity against a top 10% hand and a top 5% hand). Without having a read on the players, especially one where at least one of the opps would have a wide shove/calling a shove range, I'm going to fold here and look for a better situation where I knew that I was ahead or at least could be heads-up against one opp in a coin-flip, as a 1400 chip stack at this level is still very playable. In the second hand, I start with a 1338 stack before any action. The opp from mid position raises to 400. Since 400 is very close to being 1/3 of my stack, which is the commitment point, I'm now looking at this as a shove/fold situation. If I raise any less than shoving (like to 700), then I'm putting in well over 1/2 my chips and giving the opp a chance to see if they hit the flop before committing to call for the rest of my chips. With the blinds at 100/200, if I raised to 700 and folded, I would only have 3.5BB left... not a good option. If I shove the flop, then I just let the opp see if they hit a part of the board... not a great option either. Luckily the opp re-raised so that all the chips went in preflop. I would shove in this situation. I want to be able to maximize my fold equity (if the opp folds, then I add 44% to my stack without a fight) and to make the opp pay to see if they would hit any part of the flop. Plus, unlike in the first hand, I would not be in a multi-way pot. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        Thanks guys,

        Hand 1

        Yes I should have folded.

        JWK24 good point I should be wary of the UTG limp / caller and give them credit for something.
        Roland GTX it was a 10min blind structure not 5min turbo and yes no fold equity being the caller I should think of this.

        I should have settled down and observe the table more as it was only the second hand. Probably a bit annoyed about the first hand with the villain shove thinking I should stop a bully.

        Hand 2

        Yes 3-bet shove this time.

        JWK24 and Roland GTX I see what you are saying. Yes was I involved or committed? 10% / 33% of my stack (managed finally to download a full training video about commitment - eggs / bacon).

        So a shove not a min 3-bet giving me the fold equity with my stack size. KQs is probably calling anyway.

        Thanks for your reviews.



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