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Vever over part #2

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  • Vever over part #2

    Now everybody knows, that if you have less than 5BB as per books, pro's, videos and Marvin...... LOL (just kidding) you should be going all in and of course, if you're the other players, you should call my all in. Now who's right? After losing this first hand early in the tournament, I decided to play, my way....LOL. If I would of gone all in the next hand, I would of been OUT (38s) So yes I'm TAG or nitt or what ever you want to call it, but at the end, it's all about making it to the money. Patience is a virtue. umbup: This was a $3.50 Turbo SnG 9 man Finished 2nd umbup:
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    When you play for money, getting there is watched me use my clock today lol. I don't worry about what "they" say anymore, I just play my game. I'd rather min cash every tourney than go out in a blaze of glory. So far it seems to work, but I don't have nearly enough history. I just use my BR as the measure, as long as it's happy so am I. One of my best tourneys, I was down to $40 in chips in a .10 360, and I won. Sometimes a chip and a chair is all you need. umbup:
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      Hey Trap! Poker is about picking your spots too and learning how to build up from a short stack by using patience and picking the correct spots is a skill that will make any poker player better. When I get a lower stack, while I'm always looking for a spot to shove.... but I'm not just going to blindly shove ATC. I want to do it with a hand that has playability, especially if there are no antes. Hand 1: This early in a tourney, I would open-raise with AK here, but when I get 3-bet and have another player call the 3-bet, I would only flat here. AK, while it's a hand with great potential, it's still only ace high. Although, in this instance, when the ace comes on the flop, I'm going to most likely be all-in here... so the result will be the same. Hand 2: Suited K with 2.5BB is one that I'll go with everytime. It never hurt getting lucky when behind preflop too. Hand 3: 88 with 5BB is another one that is an easy shove for me and is in a race, which is what I'd hope for with a mid pair. Hand 4: same situation as hand 3. Low pair, hoping for a race. Hand 5: A8 I like the shove here, as the opp has seen us win two races with pocket pairs, which means that they could easily put us on another one. Hand 6: 9 10s On the money bubble and with the 2nd lowest stack in the BB, this is the one that I'd have played differently. With the 2nd stack raising and the chip leader yet to act, they should have a real hand here since the only stack that could KO them is yet to act. 9 10 should be behind their hand and due to this, I'd muck this one and look for a better spot. Hand 7: similar situation to hand 6, but now with KQ. Since KQ has more playability than 9 10s (7% more equity vs ATC), this is the spot that I'd pick to play back at UTG with, instead of 9 10s. Hand 8: AJ from BB. Instead of raising preflop and possibly having the chips go in preflop, since there is now a stack lower that could get the bubble, I like seeing the flop here for free. The opp's small bet here looks to me like Qx with a bad kicker or a low/mid pair. When the A hits on the flop, I like the raise here and would do the same thing. Hand 9: 88 since I'm already ITM, I'm looking to double up to try and win the tourney now and like the shove here. If I'm called, I'm looking for a race in this situation. If not, then I pick up the blinds/antes (13% addition to my stack without a fight) and this opp has folded to a shove before. Hand 10: 99 When the SB completes, I like the shove here. When the opp completes, they should have a hand with potential and I would want to make the opp pay to draw at my made hand. Hand 11: A6s Another hand with potential that I can see a free flop from the BB with. I could also raise here, but since I'd have raised this opp a number of times, I would check here, to help conceal the potential of my hand. I like the check on the flop, when I flop trips, as the opp should raise preflop if they had an ace. Ax is still in the opp's range, but is less likely. When the board pairs on the turn and the opp checks, I also like checking back and would hope that the opp hits a part of the river. The case ace hits on the river and the opp leads out for a min bet. In this situation, with the absolute nuts, I'd want to raise whatever amount I thought that the opp would call. The call here by the opp hoping for a chop (since the board has a full house), is not a good call in my opinion. I could easily have a pair of say 9's or 10's here that would be scared of the aces on the board and have them beat.... let alone the case ace. Hand 12: KK cooler. After a run this good, winning the number of races and coming from behind, unfortunately the odds caught up. Preflop, when the opp raised to 1600, with KK, I'd have shoved preflop, instead of waiting to see the flop before shoving. A standard 3-bet here for me would be almost all of my chips, so I would shove here. I wouldn't want to give an opp with an ace a chance to see an ace on the board before putting all of their chips in. When the flop has three undercards to my KK, if I did have chips left, it's an instant shove for me here. Hand 13: HU with Kx and 2.5BB left in front of me is an easy shove. With any amount of chips here, I'd be looking to play Ax, Kx, suited connectors, pairs, etc. Unfortunately, the opp had Ax. Very nice comeback and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        you almost win it all the way great job Sandumbup: from 125chips to first runner up this is a perfect example of chip and a chair


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          90 man tourney last night I went into final table with shortest stack about 4k ended up headsup
          with 2600 and my opponent with 121,000 needless to say I won it.
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