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should i have played this?

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  • should i have played this?

    Last edited by godofcricket; Sat Feb 04, 2012, 11:39 AM.

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    *** Moved *** Hi godofcricket, Even though the hand is from the Skill League I've moved it into the Tournament Hand Analysis Section. This is to ensure it gets the best response possible. Good luck at the tables. Raiser umbup:


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      I posted it there because I thought some may play it differently in a skill league game and a normal tourney.


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        I understand and can see the logic to this. Yet to get the best response and answers possible it's better to post in the Hand Analysis Section. When posting hands for review include as much detail as possible. For example include any stats or observations about opponents. Also you could mention something like 'This is in the Skill league and I'm eager to hear from others who play the league what their thoughts are' etc. Click Here for some useful tips on posting hands. Again a post like this would usually be moved to ensure you get the best response possible and for no other reason. Good luck on the tables and in the league! Raiser umbup:


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          In this case for me it wouldn't matter if it's Skill League or regular. For the skill league, after the action you saw it's an insta fold. At least - I understand the SL is all about survival, and after this action AQ is never good.

          For the same reason I'm folding it in a regular SnG as well. AQ is never good here, and if you're lucky you're drawing to 3 outs.

          In this case I was referring to drawing to 3 queens, it turned out to be 3 aces. So you had the best hand preflop - that doesn't matter. You made the right move in folding the AQ.

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            Hi godofcricket! With a raise and then a shove in front of me and with the blinds yet to ace, I'm going to muck this in any tourney, especially in a league game. The only thing that matters in the league games is to survive as long as possible, in order to accumulate league points. To do this, I would not play any marginal hands at all. AQ with the two plays before I would act is most likely not the best hand here. Without reads, a raise from mid position is normally going to be a big ace or a pocket pair (almost all ahead of AQ) and the shove should be a hand that would play well against the range of the opener. Due to this, AQ will not be ahead the large majority of the time and since the point of the leagues is to accumulate points by outlasting the opponents, this is an easy muck for me, especially in this type of tourney. If it was a cash tourney, I'm also mucking AQ here basically every time. If the KQs player knew that the opp would open with any ace, then shoving here is not a play I would ever make with thier hand, as Ax is always ahead of KQ. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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              Your fold here is good sir.

              The only reason you're even questioning it is because of the relatively low value of the two sovers hands pre-flop. And their lack of real strength in a case like this is ONLY because you're playing the PSO shove feast. In any other tourney, both of those hands are MUCH stronger 90% of the time to be splaying like that, at this point in a tournement.

              Good Luck



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