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Good push?

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  • Good push?

    Tournament is the 10c $50 added turbo Is this shove good and i just ran into a hand or should i be looking to open and fold to a 3bet as most players were tight, and I was currently in the top 100 with 258 runners left. I'm pretty sure it was good just wanted to get some other opinions.

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    about 45 % against a tight range
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      Hi dark,when considering a decission like this you have to consider the fors and the againsts.
      If you for example could of folded your way to the money places,unless you were all ready there?
      the better option may of been to fold with the bb and sb approaching fast.
      you then are still in the game and may have a better oportunity to push,another words a better spot.

      If u raise 2.5x or 3x in that posistion you may get multiple callers,and certainly would of been reraised by the jacks,this can be costly so 3x for me in that posistion would not be an option as i would fear been reraised and then its more expensive to see the flop.
      However if you had limped from that posistion the opp would probably then 3x bet allowing you to call and see a cheaper flop,costing you your original 3x you were willing to bet.

      I do not personally think the shove was the move to make,but personally would like to see other opinions,all mid pairs in this type posisition i would play this way,but mainly depending on the payout structure and the table attributes.

      hope this helps in some way.


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        Hi DarkMajik, I like the value added tourneys I think you've made a good push here. Several reasons. We are in a turbo ... 12 BBs now can very easily be 6BBs in a few minutes. We will need to take flips and win them in order to run deep. 12BBs is good fold equity even in a loose field here. When we do get called 77 is going to play pretty well. Against loose callers we can even run into a few smaller pairs and some hands like A2-A7. I wouldn't like raise and folding here. With 7's we are usually getting too good a price to call a 3b shove after we raise. Then the times we are called, 7's are not going to play well on the flop. Addressing HoldemAce's concerns about the bubble. I think we are well inside the money already. From memory I think the value added tourneys pay around 20% of the field and have quite a few entrants. You've run into a bigger pair, it's going to happen sometimes. More often it's not going to happen. It's a turbo we're going to have to gamble at some point and I like this gamble. umbup: Great Stuff! Andy

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          hey dark,

          it's open in the MP so yes you can shove with pairs as you are ahead with any Ax that might call

          you along the way, and with 10+BB's, your most likely need to steal more often than not so you will

          not get blinded out



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