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$1.50 90 SNG K,Qs in BB

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  • $1.50 90 SNG K,Qs in BB

    Hi! Guys, The opp had been very active especially from late position having raised my BB couple of times but I couldn't do much as I had been pretty card dead. He called two short stacks AI w/ A,9o so I felt he was playing loose. The tournament is down to last 3 table and about 20 players left with top 12 making the money. We don't any any fold equity here but given our stack and our read, was it the right move to shove? Cheers
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    Hi Deadeyz,

    I think this spot comes down to read on the villain.

    If this guy is opening really light I would expect us to still have a small amount of fold equity and when called a few occasions we are ahead. With a wider range we would also expect to be dominated less often also. In this instance I like a shove.

    If this guy is not folding to 3bets and has a bit of gamble in him. We could expect him to call with alot of Ax hands and we're going to be behind these hands pretty often. With only the small blind in there adding the extra value, we really need to be ahead in this spot when we're getting called. In this instance I'd fold.

    So it becomes a question of cubby holing this guy into one of these options. Given your gut that you have zero fold equity. Him opening from the Hijack over 3 stacks that have him covered. I don't think it's unreasonable for this guy to show up with alot of Ax or even better and call us down. So in this instance I think for fold and look for a stronger hand to commit him or look for unopened pots to attack.

    What was your range you had him opening with?

    Good luck

    Quad Bracelet Winner


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      Hi! Andy,

      Thanks for your analysis. One of the hands which went to show down he had opened w/ K,Jo in late position and he had been very active in late position. I put him on a weak Ace or maybe broadway cards and felt that with 7BB behind I can't wait much long so I had to take a stand here and try to double.

      But you are right, I did not take into consideration the fact that when he opens there are 3 bigger stacks to act behind him so he could have a good hand fair amount of times.

      Well lesson learnt for the future.



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        Originally posted by deadeyz View Post
        I put him on a weak Ace or maybe broadway cards
        I think this probably makes a few more hands that beat us than hands we're beating.

        PokerStove gvies this range 88+,A2s+,KTs+,QJs,A5o+,KTo+,QJo 53% equity vs our KQs.

        I think I'd like to have a fair amount of either dead money or fold equity to go along with our 47% equity.

        It's not a horrible shove here, It's close. I would just prefer a bit more of an edge. If this guy is a calling station I don't think we have it.

        We are getting short but 7BBs still has some fold equity when we open shove it, or shove it over a limper.

        Good Luck

        Quad Bracelet Winner


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          hey deadeyz,

          KQ in a raised pot is very much dominated so I think i will fold also

          i will just wait for an open spot and shove with ATC, in this strategy you will win the pot 2 ways

          and the opp is in the Hijack pos, so likely he got a hand

          if the raiser is in the BTN or CO and I got a read that he is raising light maybe I'll shove



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