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$4.50 180 SNG 9,9 w/ 15BB stack

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  • $4.50 180 SNG 9,9 w/ 15BB stack

    Hi! Guys, I don't have reads on the opp as I been recently moved to the table. The tournament is down to last 5 tables and top 18 cash. Shove now and take a stand given we have only 15.5BB left or fold and try to find a better spot later given that we don't have any reads on the opp and still 5 players to act behind us? Cheers

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    15BB and pocket 9 is a reasonably good place to be in. There's a raise from UTG+1, which means we have to decide here and now if we're going with this hand. Flatting is out of the question with 5 people behind us. For that exact reason, I'm leaning towards a fold. We don't have much room to work with, but we have 4 more hands until we're in the big blind, and without antes, we can allow them to pass through without losing too much of our fold equity.

    On the other hand, it's not like we're going to be able to fold our way into the money here, and we're not looking for a mincash. The raiser has 22 blinds left, so he could be doing this with a hand he can fold like AQ or a small pair. Without a read on him it's hard to say.

    Like I said, I lean towards a fold here, but I wouldn't be surprised if others say you should probably shove.

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      Hi deadeyz! Too bad that the table move just happened, so there isn't a read on the opp. With UTG+1 making a raise and without a read, I'd fold in this situation. With 15BB left, it's going to be either a shove or fold in this type of situation. If I knew that the raiser was playing loose, then I'd be more likely to shove over them and hopefully isolate UTG+1 but without a read and five left to act along with the initial raiser after me, I'll try to look for a better spot, especially if I can be in position and only against one opponent. If I was down to 10BB, then I'd be shoving in this situation also, as I try to make 10BB as the point where I'm shoving any hand that I would be playing (personal preference for me and will vary with other players). Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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