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What should I do next?

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  • What should I do next?

    Table bully, opening a lot of pots....Have no stats on him... About 310 players left out of 3,500. Im sitting with 8s.

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    Hi Djmahony123 Interesting spot indeed! So lets cut this down step by step. Villain is playing the table bully and opening lots of pots, in this case he opens the cut off which widens villains range a good amount, so we assume our pocket 8's could be good. Flatting here is a problem and here is why, the villain makes it 3x the big blind to play. When we call in position with our 8's we will often get into awkward spots where the flop may bring for example... 7 K 9. Now if villain c bets were going to have a hard time calling here even though our hand is quite likely to be good. If we do call we see a lot of bad turn cards, and depending on how much villain c bets ( lets say half pot on the flop) and we call we have commited a large portion of our chips and are faced with a tough decision on the turn. Given all these reasons I have stated above the best play here would be to jam all in with your pocket 8's and take down the pot a huge amount of the time and adds a very nice 20% to our stack. If you were a little deeper ( say 30 - 50 bb's ) I would reccomend flat calling villains raise and playing the hand comfortabely in position. Folding is not correct here, were not ever folding 8's under these circumstances. Hope I helped, and GL ! umbup:


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      +1 For jamming allin

      Calling is just another great way to bleed chips if say 2 over cards hit what are you going to do when he leads out again?
      Your taking $4200 chips for free if he folds and he is most likely behind if he does call.
      You have to recognize these spots where you need to be aggressive and take some chances.
      Far to often and Im guilty of this,we tighten up as the players drop in big tourneys.
      You then bleed out and find yourself close to blinding out or getting it in with worse.

      Do you not play with a tracker?
      If not take tons of notes on betting tendencies as these tend to help in spots like this.


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        Hi Guys, Thanks for the insight. This is how the hand played out.


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          unlucky, but as they said that is a money making play in the long run


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            the only question i ask myself is did i really need to?


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              yes you need to capitalize on +EV spots when you can, because they do not happen often enough in a tourney or STT



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