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$3.50/45 Turbo: Steal or Fold?

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  • $3.50/45 Turbo: Steal or Fold?

    This situation arose with about 20 players remaining in this 45 man turbo. The bb was sitting out. I didn't have many hands on th sb, but he seemed passive. I had been stealing aggressively, but had only shown down solid hands. Is this a good spot to steal? My position, stack size and starting hand whisper "yes" to me. But the short stack of the sb makes me unsure. Furthermore, if I decide to steal, should I maximize my fold equity and put the sb all in? Thanks for any input! Roland GTX

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    Hi Roland

    This is a great opportunity for us to steal and im happy to see that you did shove all in.

    Any other action except for shoving is an error in my opinion. The SB has 3.5 bb's so we expect his calling range to be wide, and even wider as the BB is sitting out. However J9o plays ok against his calling range and he is folding enough of the time to make this +ev for us.

    Even if we lose the pot were risking a small % of our chips. I would comfortably shove 70 - 80% of hands in this situation.

    Hope this helped, gl at the the tables!


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      Thanks for reviewing this for me ChewMe1. I'm looking forward to your live training sessions

      Roland GTX


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        Hi Roland! I like the play too. When I'm playing tourneys like this, I try to make the majority of my steal attempts from late postion, especially on the button, and against the smaller stacks. This way, I can both be accumulating chips, but if I'm called, it's not going to be a large hit to my stack, so I can also be protecting my chip position in the tourney. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Thanks for chiming in JWK24!

          I know I have plenty of holes to patch, but after running bad all week in the 45s I've started to doubt my game. Getting thorough feedback here helps me sink my shoulders and stick to my game.
          "Right move, wrong result"

          GL and have fun at the tables!
          Roland GTX


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            hey roland, agree with both of out great teachers right move wrong results always be happy if your making the right moves, keep making all the right moves then winning will be just walk in the park umbup:



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