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Shoving with A6s.

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  • Shoving with A6s.

    I'm at the final table of a 15$ sitngo. There's 8 people left and I have 10bb. Everyone folds I shove preflop with A6s UTG+1.
    Was this an alright play, or should I have waited for a better hand?
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    Knowing more about the situation would help, however he's my two cents. I'm folding A6s from early position 100% of the time in this situation. Most hands calling you are going to be either aces with better kickers or pocket pairs higher than 6. In either case you are looking at a 30% chance to win if you get called. The lowest I would shove with your stack in this situation would be AJs, AQo and maybe 88+.

    Curious what the experts say, GL!

    Roland GTX


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      Hi Andrei,

      You have 10 BBs of fold equity and a top 15% hand if called. Yes it's the second weakest of the suited aces (the smallest one with no connectivity), but it's still a fine shove. If called by 66-KK you still have 30% equity, if called by a bigger ace you still have about 30% equity from your live card, you're flipping against 22-55, and you're slightly ahead of broadways. You end up about 40% against a top 10% calling range (which does not include small pairs).

      Most of the time you should get a bunch of folds, and when called you have a better than 30% chance to double up. Plus the ace is a blocker to AA and to a lesser extent bigger aces. (only 3 ways to have AA instead of the usual 6, since you have one of them, and you cut out 25% of the bigger aces).

      Although you haven't given any info about relative stack sizes and table dynamics. There are a lot of possible situations where this could be a fold, but my default play would definitely be to shove.
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        Hi Andrei! For me, it's really hard to tell without the table and tourney information. Whether I'm already ITM or how close am I to it, along with where my stack is in relation to the others would be what determines whether I would play the hand or not. If I did play the hand, I do agree that with 10BB, I like the open-shove. But, depending on the stacks and where the bubble is, it could easily be a fold for me, where I'd wait for a better hand or to be in better position. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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