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im so greedy- 3.3R 40k

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  • im so greedy- 3.3R 40k

    should have just see the showdown i go for value i was killed always in this kind of situation maybe they are bluffing me because im too bluffable
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    Hi Marvin! I would do the same preflop std open and also the flop bet with TPTK. The bet size on the flop is a good one, as it prices out the flush draw. The turn completes a broadway straight and leaves the flush draw and many straight draws. Due to this, I would have made a value bet here. Checking behind for pot control I would only do if the river couldn't complete a draw that could beat me, as I'd want the opp to play to draw. The river is a total blank and the opp checks. I'd have made the value bet on the turn, then checked the river if called. By value betting now, instead of the turn, I think that the opp is probably guessing that it's a bluff due to the check on the turn.. plus.. this is the same opp that saw you fold in the other hand from this tourney, to a river shove. That earlier play could have given the opp a read that you would fold to a river shove. I think a better line here and the one that I'd have used would be the exact same bet sizes preflop and flop, then make another value bet on the turn (instead of the river) and then check the river when checked to, since top pair/top kicker does have showdown value. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      your right

      lesson learned

      when will i learned from this type of situation

      im always getting outplayed

      hopefully i know what to do when this type of situation arises again

      thank you Sir John



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