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$2.50 90 man

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  • $2.50 90 man

    Did i play this hand well. I had a feeling i was in front the whole time but not to sure.

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    great play Sir


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      Hi M! Tough board, for sure. Preflop, since it's only the one opp and I'm out of position, I'd check here. This way, I can further conceal my hand and it also works for pot control since I'm out of position. If I were in position or there were other limpers, then I'd make a std raise to try and narrow the number of players seeing the flop, but by doing so, it does give AQ the lead on the flop. Flop is three under card spades that gives AQ a gutshot straight. Since AQ raised preflop, even though this is a very wet board, I'd c-bet to follow up the raise. It would also give me an option if another spade hits, that I could try to bluff as if I had the space ace later in the hand. Going for the check/raise in this spot really makes the hand look very strong (made flush) and is something that I'd only want to do if I was sure that the opp would bet, as I wouldn't want to give the opp a free card to see a spade when I didn't have one. The opp's 25% pot bet here would look to me like a blocking bet, that they would make with a single spade, or trying to represent it, or when they only had a pair. When the opp makes this bet, I'm definitely not calling it, it's going to be a raise/fold for me and a read on the opp would greatly help in deciding which to do. The turn makes things really dicey now. Yes, it completes a straight for AQ, but there are now 4 spades on the board. If I had led the flop, I'd definitely fire a second barrel here, as I'd try to represent the spade ace (raise pre, lead flop, lead turn). If the opp calls/raises, then I can muck then or check the river, as the opp would most likely have a spade... that I couldn't beat. By check/raising the flop, I like checking here. The opp could very easily check behind (worried about another check/raise), which would allow me to see the river without putting any chips in. The river really misses the possible hands. If I had led the turn and was called, then I'd check here, hoping to get to showdown and not see a flush from the opp. By checking the turn, I like the value bet here and I also like the sizing of 1/2 pot. It looks like a value bet that would be made with a spade and not the striaght. I wouldn't want to be betting less in this situation, because I wouldn't want to let a small spade call cheaply. I think it's tough in this situation to know that I'd have had the best hand with a straight here, as the opp could have a spade. I'm glad that it worked out for you though. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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