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  • hand evaluation

    Not sure if I played right but when evaluating this, keep in mind that the big stack had just raised me twice in a row and I was also getting squezzed by the other players the last bunch of hands so with with blinds so high and my stack dwindling I felt pressure to make a move.

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    Oh boy, been there and done that too. Like you, I'm feeling the pressure as the blinds begin to eat away at my stack. I did notice that this tourney is a 6-player game and there are just four remaining. Makes me think you're on the bubble too.

    If I'm card dead, I'm shipping this hand. There is always the chance of an ace-rag, but with others thinking you're tight, and not card dead, they might think you have ace-high. His call with ace-ten appears more of a "I can afford to try to KO this player once" move than a "he's dead meat" call.

    Since the other two passed, they either have nothing or are willing to let the big stick fight you if he wishes. Remember too that the big stick is also half invested, so he might have seen this as a blind steal. With the ace and a stack that can afford one bad play, he has all to gain.

    If I've seen better in this round, I might try a limp. The big stick didn't bet, which tells me he doesn't have a powerful hand, though it is worth half a blind. I'm thinking on hindsight, he would have limped to the river. Once the ace appeared on the river, I would still fold to any bet and go for another hand down one blind. You have to consider that at this point, your game has a max of six more plays before looking at a forced all-in hand.


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      *** Moved *** Hi C-mac687, I just moved your post into the Tournament Hand Analysis section as it's a better fit here. Good luck at the tables, Raiser umbup:


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        hi m8t this is how i see it and am working on this myself at the moment,
        nothing wrong with the shove it was a race and the equatity was good considering the spot you were in.

        i look now and ask myself what got me in this posisiton in the first place
        what i mean by this is the obvious opp was bullying the table and as advised on here
        bully them back,
        i have the same problems m8t,but now just upped my aggression slightly so in the later stages am not sitting waiting to be blinded out,
        most off this m8t is down to our earlier plays,putting ourselves in these bad spots.
        hope this helps mate.


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          Hi C-Mac!

          You played this just fine.

          With 5BB in your stack, how much time do you have to wait on AA?

          Look at it like this C-Mac...

          300 BB + 300 from SB limp + 100 in antes = pre flop pot.

          If you jam, and the villain calls, you are essentially paying about 1400 for the chance to win 2100, and are getting a price of 1.5 to 1. This means you only need about 40% equity to make your stand here.

          If you held like 10BB or 15BB (and the SB had a proportionally bigger stack too), you may not want to risk a jam as that will tend to fold out worse hands, and get called by better hands, and you'd have a little more time to wait on better than 40% spots. With 5BB though, you really do not have time to wait.

          Versus Rag Aces (any A up to AJ), you are going to have right around 40% equity.
          Versus any PP up to JJ you are going to have better than 40% equity.

          You have to think a lot of WORSE hands are in this guy's limp range too, and those worse hands might make a mistake and call, and even if worse hands fold, picking up 700 chips un-contested is too valuable o your stack to pass up.

          So all day long this is a shove in my opinion...

          After that it is all down to luck.

          Hope it helps.

          Double Bracelet Winner



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