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Did i win the max?

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  • Did i win the max?

    A hand from a STT knockout

    villian was a calling station

    [replay hand_id=202799 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=9190795F2E]

    should i be checking as if he had a hand he almost certainly would have bet? Bet lighter?


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    I would bet about the same to protect against draws, any Q has OESD now and flush draw wants a cheap river.


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      Originally posted by Grade b View Post
      villian was a calling station... if he had a hand he almost certainly would have bet?
      Calling stations are known for passivity, and passive players don't do a lot of betting when checked to. So no, don't try and induce any bets here, since it will usually not work if your read is correct.

      I do think you should bet a bit lighter on the turn, though. You should set yourself up to be all-in on the river, so you could easily have bet under t1000 on the turn and probably have gotten a call because a three-digit bet might look less threatening. Then you'd just jam the river if he called.


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        i think the only way you would get more in the pot would be to shut down and hope he hits the river.
        he has no Q and i doubt he has a 9, 7 8 maybe trying for a gut shot? A x he d would have stayed for that straight . he s got nothing therefore the till closed.

        gl y all
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          Hi all,

          I'm definitely going to be betting, as calling stations will give us action with so many worse hands on a wet board. Checking to induce is not a profitable line vs. a station, because they don't do much betting or bluffing without big hands, but they call way too light.

          I'm actually taking a bit different line here. We're on the bubble with a 25 bb stack, open shoving KK this deep I don't care for as I do want some action with this strong a hand, so I like the open raise preflop. With a station in the BB I would generally structure it higher than 2.5x though, 3x words better imo and even 3.5 is fine.

          On this flop vs a station I would bet more to set up stacks on the turn. If we pot it, we'll have 1715 behind and his call puts 1620 in the pot, then we can just shove the turn before a really scary river card comes that either beats us or may scare the guy off (even a station). He'll call us with so many worse hands, and when he folds the turn it's fine too as we take down a nice pot with no risk of being outdrawn, so this is the line I prefer in this particular spot.

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            that's why i like reading here

            im also learning different kind of approach

            Great job Sir Dave


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              ty everyone,

              I have my sliders set up and tend to make standard bets but have started looking at table dynamic and how i should adjest. I'm getting there (when i concentrate)

              Grade b
              I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

              13 Time Bracelet Winner



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