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90-man vs 45-man SNG's

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  • 90-man vs 45-man SNG's

    Recently started playing 0.25 SNG's. Question is, are expected stats for them comparable (ROI, ITM etc) or should I keep them on another Exel sheet and evaluate independently?

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    The expectations of each in terms of In The Money and Retern on Investment are very differant, but if you are doing it for the cowboys challange then you could just use one.

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      HI wwictor! Welcome to the forum. From what I've found from playing them before black friday (I'm in the US), I noticed a difference in the way they played out, so I seperated them into two different excel sheets. I think it's a good thing to do, as it will help to see which format you're doing better at. The ROI and ITM numbers will vary from them due to the differences in payouts and also due to having twice as many people in them. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Could you please give more details about differences (or perhaps link to some previous discussion). I understand that volatility and ROI are greater in 90-man then 45-man.
        Is it correct?
        I currently have only 32 0.25 events completed - no multitabling - and I know that sample size is ridiculous (ITM 23, ROI 210 so far). Are those numbers sustainable?
        No cowboy challenge or anything fancy for me. Bankroll of 90$ was almost lost on 1.5 HU, now I'm trying to crawl out. So far so good.
        Real question is - where field is weaker? People start to lose patience in 90-man near the bubble and start botching 2h+ of playtime, becoming easy marks. On the other hand 45-man SNG's run much faster (10 min vs 15 between levels) and are less time-consuming.
        Sorry if questions are mixed up. I'm sure pros and semi-pros don't play 0.25 SNG's much, but are there materials on adjusting for different payout and level structures? Harrington is immense help, but gives little info on this.
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          Hi wwictor! Yes, there will be more variance (volatility) in the 90 man tourneys. The more people that are in a tourney, the higher the variance will be. Those numbers are GREAT! They can be sustainable, but will take some really good luck and great playing to do so. I know from my playing them, I've had some variance streaks where I've gone 10-20 games without cashing in one and those streaks, especially on a small number of tourneys, will greatly affect the ROI numbers. Anything positive is good. As to where the fields are weaker... that's totally dependant on who's signed up for the tourney. Sometimes the 45's could be, sometimes the 90's could be. That will vary from tourney to tourney and there's no way to say one or the other without knowing each of the exact players in a given tournament. Trust me, there are a number of great players that are regulars in these smaller tourneys. Some play hundreds of them a day and have very good numbers from them. Don't ever judge how hard a field could be based on the buy-in level. There are good and bad players out there at every level. The sit and go course has some info on how to go about playing these and will apply to all buy-in levels, not just the smaller ones. The main adjustment is that in a shorter level tourney, a player will hit the point where they will need to be playing more hands and shoving earlier than in a tourney with a longer blind level. The strategy is the same, but the point where a player will need to shove instead of std raising will happen quicker. Hope this helps.umbup: John (JWK24)

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            hi wwictor, i've played nearly 400 of these games & i agree with john, they play out very similar [same good & bad plays & players] except you get to the push fold threshold quicker in the 45 man. i started out with a bang too in these games over 200% ROI but that soon settled down through the first 100 games i was 25% ITM, & 66% roi, but now i'm at 24%ITM & 57% ROI. my ROI has dropped off recently & i put that down to multi tableing. i've dropped back down to 2 tables & it's on the way back up . i don't really think that these numbers are great but i think they're solid. i hope that gives you an idea


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              Just started playing again at Pokerstars. It could be me but the 0.25 games seem to have got a lot worse with the many donks, river chasers, and crazy bingo callers. I have crashed out a few times in the early levels because of bingo callers. Even when I raised ten-times the big blind to thin-the-field, holding a top pair (Jacks -Aces) during the early levels, half the table still call to see a flop! I have now decided to shove all in with Jacks - aces during the early level. I actually did this with Aces and was called by three others! Luckly I won that hand. But the early levels are a nightmare and tilt me massively.

              Had a good ROI for the 45 mans for the first 1,500 games. Made something like $180. This year I am slightly in profit after 100 + games. I have been multi tabling and I don't know if this has affected my game. As I used to single table and since attempting three-tabling my ROI has dropped. But it is too early to say yet.

              I am playing the 90s and 45s now. I am using a spreadsheet to record my progess, and when I have played a few hundred 90s I will know whether or not these games are for me. I hope so because I would like to multi table the $2.50 in the future.
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