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3/45 sb vs bb with marginal hand

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  • 3/45 sb vs bb with marginal hand

    This hand occurred mid way in a $3.50/45 man turbo. I'm clueless in the bb, but hate playing so passive. The villian in the sb is an unknown. He has only been at the table for 6 hands and has folded all six. Should I have shoved preflop hoping the villian is a hbl? Shoved the flop with bottom pair? Folded to the min-raise? Is there a good line in this situation? Thanks in advance!

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    I don't think I'm shoving this preflop. I tend to not let people get away with limping in the SB if I'm in the BB, but I do need something that has potential to bet. 2,3 off I'd check it too. Especially with no reads on this guy, I'm not going to assume he's bluffing here. His stack is barely 11BBs. If I had seen him play more, and play tight, I might have shoved preflop, but not if I don't have a read on him.

    On the flop it's checked to me. Depending on how tight I perceive the table to be, sometimes I might throw in a bet, sometimes I check it. If he folds to my bet, yay. If he calls, I'm done.

    On the turn, he bets giving me about 28% odds. Assuming my deuce is no good, I can basically hit a 2,A or 6 to win. I'm not counting on hitting 2 pair because he might be holding an ace. That's 9 outs for less than 20%. That means I'm not getting the proper odds to make a call here, so in the muck it goes.

    What happened here is a trap I fall into regularly: get a free flop and then throw in chips on the flop or turn or river that I should have kept in my stack.

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      i got a free flop i'll take it

      flop i got bottom pair i'll check it too

      turn - i got open ended and i got 6BB left i'll take my chance and shove it. opp is showing weakness he might fold but if he called you still got outs with 6BB left you need to double up as soon as possible and you can't be calling. It's a shove or fold situation.


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        Hi Roland,

        I think I agree with Oversight on the preflop shove. I think the 23o is just so low in equity if we are getting called here. If I had an inkling that this guy will fold (he is limping from the SB afterall) I wouldn't mind a shove here.

        On the flop after this guy checks I think I would try a bet here. He's limped and now checked thats showing a bit too much weakness to ignore. I would bet something on the smaller side, maybe 500 or so. If he is a passive guy we get alot of folds.

        When he calls, if he leads the turn I would probably go away. We have zero fold equity now and wouldn't be getting the right price to hit the straight with only 1 card left. If he checks it to us again I think there's a good argument for a just over pot sized shove here. We have lots more fold equity to go along with our equity drawing to the straight now.

        Good Luck at the tables


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          Thanks for the sound advice guys. I always find these marginal situations with a short stack difficult post flop.

          Thanks again!


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            Hi Roland! I think you played this pretty well. I agree with Andy that you could have taken a shot on the flop, but with bottom pair, I could very easily check here too. I would make the marginal call on the turn to see the river, as the hand has many outs to improve and when one of them doesn't show on the river, I would fold to the river bet. If I thought that only the straight would win the hand, then I'd fold on the turn. A read on the opp would greatly help in this situation. Good luck at the tables!umbup: John (JWK24)

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