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fold/blinding your way ITM at 6max SnG

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  • fold/blinding your way ITM at 6max SnG

    Do ever feel like your almost better off pretty much folding your way into the money.

    I've been in tourney's where some wins one small pot and pretty much sits out the rest of the tourney for whatver reason (disconnected...ect)

    And they practically make ITM. Makes me think I'm almost better off playing nothing but AA or KK and even then playing them very carefully.
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    If you are playing the 6 max sng's with the 10 minute blinds then i find you have literally the first 20 minutes of play where you can play tight and gather information on the other players sitting at your table, you can even try a few blind steal to see who is liable to fold to a steal and who might raise you. This is good in the early stages as its cheap and it helps you pick on who to target when the blinds get to 25/50 and 50/100. When i play i tend to loosen up a lot when the 50/100 level hits gathering back chips i may have lost in the first 3 levels if im below 14BB. A lot of players dont like all in situations when there are 3 players left so most of the time you wont get called unless your image is a maniac. Winning an all in early in the tournament practically allows you to take a back seat and wait until the sng is down to the final 3 players. i wouldnt suggest playing super tight for more then 20 minutes.

    Hope i helped and good luck at the tables!


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      It may work sometimes, but I doubt it's a profitable play. Quite often you won't make the money, and when you do you'll be hopelessly shortstacked once you get there, so you're bound to just mincash most the time. Pick your spots well and always go for first, it's more profitable in the long run.
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        I wasnt trying to be too literal with this but it just seems that way sometimes. Especially when your in decent shape, get pocket QQ raise hard and loose.

        I totally agree about playing tight for the first 20 minutes of the SnG's. I barely play anything and just try to see what guys are pushing and calling with. Then when the blind get to 25/50 I loosen up a bit but it also depends how many people are at the table. If there's still 5 or 6 people at the table I only push with monster's and call if I have the right pot odds.



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