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could it been more value???

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  • could it been more value???

    i strongly have the feeling that i could have picked more here? i think the flat call is good but probably the raise on the turn should have been 1 or 2 bets more. this is a PSO premier hand so every body still playing the nitty side in general. thoughts pls: could i have extracted more value here???

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      Hi 77wopke77! With this being a league game, it's better to err on the cautious side, as if a mistake is made, it will cost the player points. Honestly, since this is a league game, I'm mucking K2s preflop. Yes it's in position, but there are too many hands that can be ahead of it. In a cash mtt, I'd either raise or flat, depending on my reads of the players in the blinds. With being in the hand, here's the way that I'd have played it from here on out (especailly if it was in a cash mtt). On the flop, I hit trips, but there is a flush draw out there. In a league game, I'd flat here to be more cautious. In a cash tourney, I'm raising here, as I want to make sure that the flush pays for thier draw, and pays enough to make it -EV. If the opp has pocket spades, they have 9 outs, so I need to make sure that they pay more than what their outs are worth as a % of the pot. I'd raise to about 325 here (just over 1/2 of what the pot would be after my 120 goes in). On the turn, the opp bets 120 again and I'd raise again here. Ax is definitely in the opp's range and I would also want to price out a flush draw (flush draw is 18% equity). Once again, I'd raise to about 1/2 of what the pot will be with my 120 added in, or about 425. 360 is not a bad raise amount at all, but I try to go with about 1/2 pot... so I'd make it 425, to keep being consistant and to keep the opp guessing as to what I had. On the river, the opp bets 120 again... guess they only know a min raise. There aren't that many hands that are ahead, that make sense for the opp's betting pattern. A2 maybe? Due to this, I want to make a value raise on the river... whatever amount I think the opp will call. I'd have tried 550-600. My raises before in the hand would have been 1/2 pot, so I'd have gone just underneath this amount and hoped that they called me. The way that the hand was played was conservative, which is what I would do in a league game, where lasting longer for points is the key, but in lowering the risk, I think some value was left on the table. Nice hand and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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