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Do you think he is bluffing?

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  • Do you think he is bluffing?

    Hi this is $3.50 sit and go HU turbo. This guy has already bluffed me a few times and was happy to show it after I folded. I had called his bluff a few times on the turn and he had checked it down afterwards. I think he bluffed me alot of times, but I didnt have the cards to call. I thought he was a bad player, But he did have me rattled. His actual stats for heads up are quite good, He's up $65.00 over 500 games

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    *** moved to appropriate forum since it's a HU tourney question and not a cash game JWK24***

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      Hi chuky

      I can't call the shove.

      it's hard to call with 2nd pair.

      yes maybe he's bluffing but maybe he's not.

      if he was it's a good bluff

      you said he was a winning player so maybe this time he's not bluffing he set this up perfectly for you to thought that he was bluffing again

      we still have 1400 left so were still fine. we can still outplay our opp. if my opp loves to bet hard you just need to trap him just keep calling you don't need to raise let him do the raising for your nuts


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        river is probably a fold to me, why lead out in the first place?

        either raise preflop or check call all the way

        no sense in not raising preflop but leading out a second pair


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          Hi Chuckkky! I agree that as played, I'm folding the river. With KQ, if it were me playing the hand, I'd have raised preflop, then followed it up with a c-bet on the flop. If the opp has an ace preflop, I would expect to be raised before the flop and can then muck preflop, saving chips. By not raising preflop, I also like the check/call line.... unless the opp pushes, then I'm folding. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

          6 Time Bracelet Winner


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            Thanks for your advice. I didn't raise preflop, because I didn't want to bloat the pot OOP and had done this a couple hands ago. I couldn't see how I could call the river bet either. What do you think of his play in this hand? Gutsy or stupid? click on the right hand next button It will show his cards. He got me.
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