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Was this a mistake?

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  • Was this a mistake?

    Hand 34, $3.50 buyin 27man SnG with 21 left. Was it a mistake to muck the A8 of diamonds here? Of course I threw a fit when I saw the flop but still... Fortunately it didn't matter as I grabbed both their stacks the very next hand, but still. Chip Leader, hand 47: I'd just been moved to this table, so no reliable stats on this guy yet. 4th in chips, hand 65. Villain has a 35% VPIP, 9% PFR over 30 hands ----------------------------------------- keeping track of my poker semi-career:
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    I think this was a good fold. What are you hoping for on the flop? An ace? A flush/flush draw? You'll have no idea where you stand because the SB could easily have a better ace here. I'd rather fold and wait for a better spot. You have 28 big blinds and there's no need to enter a multiway pot (well, UTG was depserate and shortstacked, but still) with a weak ace, and not this early.


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      Hi Ov3rsight! Remember, do not be results oriented. Once a player folds their cards, anything else that happens in the hand is irrelevant. In this hand, if it was only the small stack in the hand, from the BB, I would definitely call here. With basically 3BB left, the opp should be shoving a very wide range and A8s plays very well against their shove range and it's not many chips to call their bet of 324. However, in this hand, the SB calls the shove first. Knowing that the SB is out of position with the BB yet to act with a stack that has them covered..... this opp should be doing it with a hand that they would like being in a 3-way pot with OOP. While A8s plays well against the shover's range, it does not play anywhere near as good in a 3-way pot against the SB's overall range (bigger A or pair is the majority of their range). Due to this and with it being early in the tourney, I like the fold here and would look for a better situation where I knew I was the favorite in the hand. The shove by the opp with KQs is the correct play by them. A call with J 10 off, out of position is a very loose call and is something that I would be noting about that opp, to use later in the tourney. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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