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Confused about Betting Rules

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  • Confused about Betting Rules

    The following hand is from a Woman's Sunday freeroll satty, as I interpret the rules I should have been able to reraise here, but my only options were call or fold. I've had this situation before, I don't think it would have changed the outcome but want to understand. From Tournament rules 6. A bet and three raises are permitted in Fixed Limit tournaments. There is no limit to the number of raises permitted in Pot Limit and No Limit tournaments.
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    Hi Joy,

    you can only reraise if a full legal raise was made in front of you. But the player to act after you did not have enough to make a full raise. If you are hoping to 4 bet you need reraise less and let the villain go all in for a legal full min raise, then you are free to 4 bet.

    so in this example you would need to to min bet to 300 and let the villian raise to 450 up to all in (a legal at least min raise) then you can 4 bet.

    Dave covered this in one of his classes maybe 3 betting essentials, hopefully someone can tell us which one.

    Hope this helps

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      *** moved to more appropriate forum since it's a tourney question JWK24***

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        Hi Joy!

        This is a case that does tend to happen quite often in Tourney play, as well as in cash play, and it can be confusing. What happened is this:

        Pre flop there was 1 limper for 150.

        You then RAISED 450 more, making it 600 to go.

        The short stack behind you then went all in for a total of 683.

        The MINIMUM legal raise amount of your bet would have been 450 more, making it 1050 to go. As the "raise" by the all in player was less than HALF the required amount to make a standard raise, it is not deemed to have "re-opened the betting" for further raises.

        Therefore your only options are to call the remaining amount, or fold.

        Please note, while 683 is more than half the total amount of a valid raise (1050 to go), the first 600 of that under raise by the all in was used to "call" your raise to 600. That left only 83 more chips to "raise", and 83 is less than half the minimum raise amount of 450. See?

        Your other live opponent, Mischeta, still had the option of raising YOUR raise, calling the all in, or folding. Had Mischeta made a min re-raise, making it exactly 1050 to go, THAT would have re-opened the betting for you to put Mischeta all in. Since Mischeta just flat called the all in, you would have essentially been "raising yourself" since the betting was not re-opened. See?

        Hope it helps.

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          Thanks to all who replied - I've come across this a few times now and couldn't figure it out. I wasn't thinking about the amount, just that I wanted to shove to isolate and couldn't. Makes perfect sense to me now!! umbup:umbup:
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            Hi Joy!

            I do that sometimes myself, bet too big wanting to shove over someone... but forget they can't make a legal raise in order for me to do it.

            John (JWK24)

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