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QQ on SB - Analysis Please...

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  • QQ on SB - Analysis Please...

    Big stack is rather a TAG player. Never went to showdown when in a pot... So no range info... Didn't check the flop as I can easily be committed on a flop. Tourney is $3.30 1R1A $3.5K Guaranteed. Btw, how do I properly insert this link?? It always doubles...
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    good fold aces in my view,


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      Ditto. I'm definitely calling the first raise, but when that gets reraised on, I'm putting him on AA, KK or AK. I wouldn't mind the AK, but then we'd be racing. So basically I'd be calling off 18% of my stack for a a 50% shot at winning, or a 20% shot at winning.

      And if you call - what do you do when he c-bets the turn for another 12k or more? If there's an A or K there, I'm pretty much dead. If there's undercards, I beat only a bluff and a draw and the AK. Do I want to call off that much of my stack there and the rest on the turn?

      If you think you'd fold the flop to that bet, muck it preflop. There';s 35BB stack left, so plenty of room to play with.

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        I dont know if I agree there, 4th best possible starting hand and We fold without even seeing a Flop.

        Thats a little too tight for me. If the villian has played zero hands i might flat and fold on the flop. But for sure i'm calling if not putting in a 4 bet.

        a TAG range of 18% of hands includes hands including pairs down to 66

        A5s and A9o

        Now the reraise should be a tighter range but i dont think we can narrow it down to only AA KK or AK

        Using poker stove if we give the villaian a range of top 7 % we are
        a 60 / 40 favorate with our queens.

        Grade b
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          Hi all,

          I think I agree with Grade b here... any info on the opener? The TAG is 3 betting on a big stack but we don't have any specific info to help us understand how wide the TAG is 3 betting (a TAG is probably paying attention, so if the opener is a good target for a resteal it's quite possible the TAG is opening wide for example).

          The TAG would have to be a super nitty 3-bettor for me to pass this. As is I just don't see how I can narrow his range enough that I can find a fold with QQ on only a 35 bb stack.

          I agree it's not the most comfortable of spots, but I'd probably 4b here in the absence of more detailed reads.

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            QQ too strong to fold, given incomplete reads on villains

            Originally posted by PinoyVictim View Post
            Big stack is rather a TAG player. Never went to showdown when in a pot... So no range info... Didn't check the flop as I can easily be committed on a flop. Tourney is $3.30 1R1A $3.5K Guaranteed.
            Given the info, or lack thereof: This is a good spot for the BTN (big stack) to 3bet. You have a 36BB stack, and are faced with a 3bet (3 times the PFR). If you intend to call, you need to make a 15% investment; at this point, you need to make a commitment plan. It may even be a ‘conditional commitment’ plan, such as, if an overcard flops, and is cbet, I will fold – or - if I get shoved on I will call (or fold) – just be sure to make a plan.

            Pros?: Real tight laydown – you will definitely live to fight another day.
            Cons: Without any reads on the original PFR, or history between the BTN, PFR, and you – QQ is just too powerful a hand to laydown; you have a good stack size to ‘at least’ call to get more info.

            Any aggressive action from you requires a shove; you can’t ever 4bet (>50% of your stack) and fold.
            Pros: You have plenty of fold equity; you will add 30% to you stack if they both fold; if you get called, you may be up against a flip, or a loose inferior pair.
            Cons: if you get called, you may be facing, KK+, and end up on the rail.

            You’re getting 2:1 odds that an overcard doesn’t flop. The chances of an overcard flopping (if villain has one already) is 37%, less 5% of the time you flop your set (net 32%; 2:1 odds) The best scenario is that the villains are duplicating cards! If they both have an Ace, there are only 6 overcards left in the deck, now the chances of flopping an overcard drops to 32.5% (less 5% = 27.5%).
            Pros: you can get a favorable flop, with a less than 2 SPR; if you just call, it may induce the PFR to 4bet shove (light), with lots of hands that you crush!
            Cons: you are vulnerable to a ‘scare card’ cbet; you may let a villain get in with a smaller pair, only to flop a set and take the hand that they may have folded on the flop, if you shoved.

            I’m making a ‘condition call’ bet, and will await further info.
            Originally posted by PinoyVictim View Post
            Btw, how do I properly insert this link?? It always doubles...
            Just make sure that your 'cut & paste' from the replayer tool isn't duplicated in your post.
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