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KK Facing OOP Committing Raise (bounty tourney)

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  • KK Facing OOP Committing Raise (bounty tourney)

    My son just had a very interesting hand (Atlantic City - Borgata Black Chip Bounty) Early stage Bounty tourney ($300 buy-in + 50 entry + 100 bounty) Here’s the latest email (in a series), and reply, after he shared the news that he just got busted out of his 2nd tourney (1st KK); now with QQ. Me: Variance! Got to run good - bottom line. I read a brief blog from a pro... says he wants to get a big stack early in knockouts (bounties), that's how you can get some of your buy-in back without winning the tourney. Problem with shootout games... there are lots of looser players going for the bounties (it's a looser game in general). Even hands where players should 'normally' fold, if there is an AI (bounty chip), it may turn their -EV into a +EV play. I was thinking about putting your hand on the MTT forum, and sending you the link. The structure isn't on the Borgata site anymore - I guess the 1st four levels were (BB) 50 - 100 - 150 - 200; 9 max; 30 minute levels - is that considered a 'turbo' when played 'live' - (does that play like 10 minute levels on-line?); 12k starting stack. For the post, I'll put everyone has close to 'average' stack size (around 13K - I'm guessing 5% of the field is gone). Villain has 15,150 and is UTG+1, you have 15K, and he has you covered (bigger incentive for him to stack you); where are you sitting? Third level just started. Did you have any other reads on villain? Besides he liked to talk, and suggested that 'it would be a good fold for you.' Was he a 'bingo' player (limper)? Did he try similar tactics? Did he fold to raises in other hands OOP? Did he ever get to showdown, if so, with what? I know, with only a couple of orbits of play, it's rare to get any definite reads, but you might pick-up on some tendencies. Good luck with your next tourney! The cream always rises to the top. His reply: I sat middle position forget exact seat, 10 handed may be one absent player since beginning I forget say full table. Couple hands at showdown he had something but he was laggy. Not many prior 3bets think he called tho; he called a 4bet with AQ OOP, so sure he called a late pos 3bet on occasion. Limped once and folded to raise pre. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That’s all the info gathered up for the following hand. Now I have to edit an old PS hand, and put it into the replayer. *Editted hand* - this is a 10 max table (other two players are to the left of 'hero' - sitting out is not a seat. NOTE: You need to hit the 'replayer's right control button' to update the hand situation (after replayer stops). Hero is facing a raise: My son’s thoughts: He was an ok player just talked too much and in a lot of pots. Starting 12k stacks 30 min levels I won't fold KK there tho pre he went 375 ep from 150 I raised mp to 1125 and he stared me down and called, then checked dark. Q76 and 2 spades I lead out 1250 hoping to induce a raise out of 99-JJ. AQ obv raises too and I may get it all. KQ raises and folds to a shove. He raised to 4k we each had maybe 9k left I can't call and fold the turn have to shove or fold there. its either aq or a set, maybe aa as well but I think he reraises preflop with big hands. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'd like to include to the villain's flop raise range: lots of semi-bluff combinations. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is the best action to take (as the hand was played)? Is there a better line of action PF or Flop? .
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    Hi King_spadez1! In a live tourney, 30 min levels is definitely not a turbo and 12k starting stack is a deep stack. Most of the casino daily tourneys I've played are 20 min levels with only 3k-4k starting chips. Even the WSOPC tournies that I've played are 40 min levels and 10k starting stack. The one point with bounty tourneys is that I never want to take a chance that I wouldn't normally take to get a bounty. If they're going to happen, then so be it, but I won't chase them. The real money is finishing in the top 3 in the toruney, not in the bounties (I learned that one quickly the hard way). Preflop: I like the 3-bet here and like the size of it. It's the exact same play that I'd make with this deep of a stack. This builds a pot and by getting the rest to drop, KK now has position on the opp too. Flop: 3 unders with a spade draw. The opp checks and I like the c-bet here, as I would want to price out a flush draw. I also agree with the size of it, as my std c-bet range is 50%-66% in this situaition. The opp then check/raises to 4k. If the stacks were smaller, compared to the blinds, I'd either shove/fold here, but with that large of a stack compared to the blinds, I'd call and re-evaluate on the turn. Yes, KK is behind some things, but there are so many draws or semi-bluffs that KK is ahead of too. Even if a 3rd spade or ace hits on the turn and the opp open-shoves, I could still fold and have 9875 chips left (65+BB).. which is a very playable stack. If I were the opp, I'd take their exact line with AQ or KQ spades, a hand with drawing power, but is a hand that KK is currently ahead of. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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