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Playing KK on the 12th hand of the Open Skill League

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  • Playing KK on the 12th hand of the Open Skill League

    Hand #12 in the Open Skill Leage and I had KK. UTG+1 raise 5x and 1 mid position called. Should I just call or reraise or shove? I put UTG on premium hand with an A or even an AA. I can not just call with my KK. I can make a raise, but then what if an A show on the flop? will I fold? Better shove my whole stack! I looked at the tournament status and it was quite early... still have 6000+ players active. If I lose the hand, I will definitely get a huge penalty points. I decided to shove. Lesson: Point wise, maybe I should just sit out the early phase of Open Skill League and start playing when the players drop to around 3000. I will definitely get a point and chance to go deeper into the tournament. All comments and suggestions are welcome!

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    I would re-raise all-in too. My reasons for doing so are:

    1) It will most likely turn into a 3-way pot , my KK is going to win 60% of the time.
    2) I am playing a minimum of 4 games per day, 120 games a month. i don't mind losing this hand.
    3) I need to double up at least once.


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      Even though it sounds crazy, I think folding might be the best option that early. But only 'cus it's the PSO and normal rules don't apply!


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        Hi ggervacio! Tough spot. In any of the league tournies, it's all about survival and picking spots to be involved in. UTG open raises to 5BB (normally a very strong move) and is flatted by someone in mid position. I'm one of the more conservative players in these, but I like shoving here. If I'm going to take a chance in a league tourney, it's going to be with AA, KK or QQ... and this hand qualifies. A flat here would let at least two opps, and could easily be more opps draw at me for a small % of their stacks.... a situation that I do not want, as KK plays much better against less opps. Unfortunately, one of the two opps had the one hand that KK is behind. Throughout the month, this kind of situation is going to happen. KK runs into AA, AA gets 2 outed or beat by two pair, etc. When I get a premium hand in them, I'm going to play them and the only way I'm folding them is if I see the board has me beat with a larger stack of chips. In this situation, the pot already has more than 50% of our stack of 1330, so if all the opps remaining to act fold, is a 50+% increase in chips and if called, there is only 1 hand that KK is behind. There are also so many other hands worse than KK that would call in these, so it is a very large +EV play to shove. Ex: say UTG is playing the top 5% hands and the other opp is top 15% hands, then KK still has 56% equity and would only have slightly less than 33% invested into the pot... +23% EV If the opps were looser, then the +EV percentage is even larger. Even being a very conservative player in these, I'll shove KK here everytime. Good play, unlucky outcome. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          i will shove all day long



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