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Call or Fold?? The big $11

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  • Call or Fold?? The big $11

    The Big $11, blinds 30/60 ante 5
    utg - cut off all fold,
    Button (6768) fairly tight in the opening 2 levels
    SB (8340) hero
    BB (1862) Loose, been in every 2nd pot

    But raises to 240
    SB i call with QQ, my plan was to call and check raise flop if no overcards came
    BB shoves 1862

    But shoves 6768
    I fold.

    Let me know what you think??
    Then i`ll reveal what they had.

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    *** moved to more appropriate forum JWK24***

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Hi Ceril12! The first thing that I'd wonder is if the button's preflop raise was their standard amount. Most players typically use 3BB as the raise here and they raised 4BB. When the button bets, I would have 3-bet the button instead of calling, by raising to 720. Either way, when two opps shove over my bet, I'm going to fold here. I would still have a very playable stack at this level and wouldn't want to take a chance for that much of my stack, this early in a tourney when I didn't know that I had the best hand. I wouldn't be worried about the loose opp, they may have 1 or 2 overcards, but most of the time won't show up with AA or KK. The tight opp could be trying to isolate the loose opp, but they also know that another player is yet to act. The button should like their hand against 2 opps and is probably in a race with QQ or even has QQ dominated. I would save my chips here and look for a better situation where I would be in position with a hand that is ahead. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        The buttons standard raise was 3bb from MP so i thought when he raised more from the button i took this as a sign of weakness/ steal attempt. I taught about 3 betting him but i deciding to go for extra value seems as how i was deep stacked so early. I wasnt expecting the BB to shove but i couldn`t call 100 BB`s pre so early.

        The SB had ATo
        Button had AKs
        and the board ran 6c Kd 3h 3c Qh

        Not too worry i still cashed and glad i made the fold.


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          Hi Ceril12! If the opp's std was 3BB, then normally 4BB will be a monster hand (QQ+, AK). Good fold and all cashes are good cashes.umbup: John (JWK24)

          6 Time Bracelet Winner



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