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a winning hand

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  • a winning hand

    premier league hand last before the break! hand played out like i wanted accept for the split my question is if there is a different approach or was i risking it again! i think i couldn't have done this idfferent!!! just want to start the discussion again now without any BS

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    Preflop: I'm not sure I would have just called here. The AK is a good hand preflop, but you have to hit. Against a raise and a limp, how strong is the AK? From the other side: an UTG raise is usually pretty strong. If you have a good read on them you could raise, but without a solid read, best to call.

    Flop: SB donks into the preflop raiser, and you call. With the two pair on board and the flush draw, I would probably try to extract some value, and a raise might also prevent the preflop raiser from shoving over the top . If he does, I call, but I won't like it if he shows a flush draw. My shove would price out a flush draw to pursue it.
    Instead, we call, and the other guy raises allin. What can he have? AA and KK surely are wihtin his range. How about two diamonds?

    When the donkbettor calls for a third of his remaining chips, I'm puzzled. Can't it really be they're holding AA and KK? Odds are small, so probably not. But one of them holding either of those two is a distinct possibility now. I don't think I could fold tho, if they did have AA r KK I'm going broke here. On this flop - I'm shoving. Only downside is, my stack isn't big enough to push someone off a flush draw. I definitely don't like the minraise here. You're giving the donkbettor guy well over 9 to 1 on a call. If you're minraising for value, I can see that. But right at this point, I'd wanna take down the pot without going to a turn or river. As it is, donkbettor guy makes the call.

    The turn is awful as it completes the flush. If either donkbettopr has it, we're drawing to 4 outs, less than 10% to win the hand. As such, I'd probably try to check it down. Instead you push and he calls.

    Donkbettor shows a pair of 10s, and is drawing extremely live - any diamond, any 10, any queen - no less than 14 outs. He just shouldn't have been in this pot anymore - he wasn't getting the right price to go setmining preflop, and on an AK flop against two people, your TT is probably way behind when your bets gets called and then shoved on.....

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      I like the way you played preflop but not the flop calling the 1st person is ok at best but works nice when the left goes all-in and your right just calls you should have pushed it all in there instead of on the turn worked out well for ya though evil:
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        personally i'm repoppin that flop AI as at that point the pot is massive and your never folding for any reason. get any draws in then and there.
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          ** Moved **


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            Hi 77wopke77! Tough spot, which AK can get a player into very easily. Preflop, especially with this being a league game where points are at a premium, I like the call preflop, for pot control and chip preservation. If it was a cash tourney, especially if the opp on your right was playing loose, I'd have considered jamming here.. but not in a league game. The flop here is a good one for AK, hitting 2 pair, but with multiple straight draws and a flush draw, it's a very scary board. When the opp on the right makes a very small bet here, it looks like a blocking bet to me because it's not a large enough bet to price out even the straight draw, let alone a flush draw. Due to this I would not put them on a made hand, but definitely a draw. With top 2 pair and knowing that the opp that could knock me out was on a draw, I'd make them pay for it right here and shove. Yes, the opp behind could have a better hand, but I wouldn't be worried as much about the shorter stack, compared to the stack that could KO me. The way it played out, if the opp did have a flush draw and saw the third diamond before the chips went in, they would have already had a made hand before putting their chips in. Even if they only had one diamond like they did, they now know that they can hit with 1 card instead of two. If it was me in the hand, I would flat preflop, then shove the flop. Yes, I could get outdrawn, but have a made hand with top 2 pair and would want any opp to pay to draw at me, as I would have a made hand already. I don't like taking any chances without made hands in the league games, but with a made hand, I'll pick my spots. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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              tnx for another clear insight from all of u



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