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ATh late position

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  • ATh late position

    Was doing good in the pso skill league, when i get ATh.. Should ive folded it preflop or played it different? Maybe a bigger bet on flop/turn? Would he have folded the hand if i played it different?

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    skill league is a totally different animal.. thats most likely a fold.. regular tourney I am probably shoving the flop.
    As seen by the hands calling the place is full of chasing morons.. 3 overs to your PP better keep calling, bottom pair keep calling 45 suited on a AQ7 red board I have 2 more cards to a str8


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      fold PRE

      skill league i play 3 hands AA KK QQ

      4th hand AK only in CO and BTN when it's open i raise 3BB then fold if i hit nothing if someone raise i just call and see the flop and fold instantly when i hit nothing

      any pair - set mining if it's cheap

      everything else i fold

      this is the strategy of the best player in the skill league


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        Hi RaBBiiTGiiRL! In any league tourney, the goal is to amass as many league points as possible. To do this, a player needs to survive as long as possible. Due to this, they play differently than a normal mtt or sng and a player needs to be very conservative in them, only being all-in if you know you have the best hand, or by being blinded in. It's more important to get ITM and last as long as possible, without taking any chances at all. In this situation, I may call the limp preflop, but A10s isn't a hand that I'm calling a shove and two callers with, as the potential point risk by going out is much more than the reward of winning the chips in the pot here (If it was a cash mtt, I'd call, but not in a league game). If I was in the hand, I would make a small bet on the flop with top pair and the nut flush draw, as I would not want someone drawing at a straight for free, and KJ, K10 or J10 are well within the opp's range, but not as large of a bet that I would make in a cash mtt. On the turn, I'd check behind for pot control since I didn't hit the flush. Being in a 4-way pot, I would want to conserve chips since I didn't know that I had the best hand. (In a cash game I'd have shoved the flop, but not in a league game). Players in a league game with this many chips in the pot, most likely won't fold to any bet, so trying a bluff in these games won't accomplish much, other than to have the bluffer lose more chips. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Thank you , yes my strategy is to come as far as possible and to gain points in each tourny. I got Aces 2 times and thats why i was sitting with 7k, and i didnt play any other hands. Then i get ATh in late position, and my read of the opponents made me choose to call the hand. And with the flop and turn i knew i had him, thats why i played it as i did, but river (as always) killed me

          As i wrote in my blog, i shld of folded it and just try to place good with the 7k and only play hands like AA, KK and AK.



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