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Bubble situation...

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  • Bubble situation...

    So this is on the bubble of a $1.50 90-man KO SNG. Villain is chip leader and has been relatively active but hasn't gone to a showdown very much. My stats for the session were; During current Hold'em session you were dealt 153 hands and saw flop: - 13 out of 21 times while in big blind (61%) - 2 out of 21 times while in small blind (9%) - 20 out of 111 times in other positions (18%) - a total of 35 out of 153 (22%) Pots won at showdown - 7 of 11 (63%) Pots won without showdown - 20 Usually around the bubble i have the other table open as well just to observe and see if i can make any notes. As it was i saw that the bubble had burst before i committed all my chips, but what I'm asking you is how else could i have played this? could u have got away? Did i make the right move and the villain just get lucky? thanks in advance.. Aus

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    Everyone has folded to you and I think you shld of raised min 3bbs preflop with 44, (i wld raised to 1,075) to gain more chips and to show that you have a strong hand. It makes it harder to call, 3bbs bet than 1bb bet

    I think you played the flop good, And yes he got lucky,


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      I don't think there's much else you could have done. The point of setmining is to hit your set and then get the money in as quickly as possible. You hit your set and unfortunately he had an open ender. Given that it's a KO SnG he should be raising and calling shoves fairly light to pick up bounties, i.e. with various draws, and he can afford losing to your stack. If he hit his straight to begin with, too bad, I don't think I'm ever folding in this spot, and you still have outs to boat up.

      Bad luck and fire up a new table.


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        Hi Austerror! The first key point is that the bubble burst, so you're ITM. Now, the goal is to accumulate chips for a run at the top 3. At this level, my standard opening raise is 2.5BB, so I would have raised to 750 preflop. I try to use 3BB as my standard opener until it gets to 100/200, then I lower it to 2.5BB. Flopping a set here is exactly what I want to have happen with 44 in this situation and I would absolutely make a value bet here. Since there isn't a flush draw (which would make me bet more), I like the amount of your value bet here (2/3 pot). It's my standard c-bet in this situation. When the opp min-raises, I'm definitely 3-betting here. Even if the opp has a made straight already, I would have 7 outs on the turn to improve and 10 outs on the river to improve, if I missed the turn. My normal 3-bet amount in this situation would be to 3X their bet (5400), but if I thought the opp would call a shove, would have no problem doing that too. With this board, the shove would look more like a bluff too, and I would want to make it so that the opp would put as many chips into the pot as possible here. Ax would more likely 3-bet shove, than to 3-bet to 5400. Unfortunately, the opp got lucky and outdrew you on the turn, but with flopping a set here, I would want to get as many chips into the pot as possible... which is exactly what you were able to do. At least the bubble had already burst, so there was a profit made from this game. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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          Thanks for the analysis, up until that point i had been raising 3BB fairly consistently and as it turns out this was my only min raise for the game. :/

          Good to hear I'm slowly starting to make the right moves in these situations..




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