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Top pair top kicker vs something

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  • Top pair top kicker vs something

    Probably another thing I need to work on. I like my preflop raise, I like my c-bet. Not too sure of the river call. Frankly, I wasn't even considering the chance he could have hit a set. I was too distracted thinking about the chance he'd hit his straight on the river. I called because I thought he didn't hit the straight. Sucks when you're right and still are wrong.... ------------------------------------- keeping up with my poker semi-career:
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    Hi Ov3rsight! Unfortunately, in poker these types of hands happen. I like the preflop raise and the flop c-bet with top pair. When the opp calls on the flop, I would be wary of them having a pocket pair (possibly higher than J's). They either hit a part of the flop or have a pocket pair that none of the cards on the flop scare them (QQ+). I also like the check on the turn for pot control. When the opp makes a value bet on the river, they could have hit a straight, but KQ, Q8 or 78 should have folded on the flop. If it were me, I'm calling the river bet here. There are a few hands that could beat top pair, top kicker, but there are also a number of them that TPTK is ahead of. I like the way that you played the hand, but unfortunately, were unlucky here. At least you still have a very playable stack afterwards. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables. umbup: John (JWK24)

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      I was too distracted thinking about the chance he'd hit his straight on the river. I called because I thought he didn't hit the straight.
      Range him! When he calls the flop what can he have? Lots of straight draws, marginal hits, mid pairs maybe, sets and two pairs. He's not check/floating out of position in a multi-way pot with air. Q8, 87, and KQ are all super unlikely. He almost never makes a straight on the river (this would be never but I guess he could misclick call). He does have straight draws on that flop a lot, but they miss.

      You played this hand fine by the way. Maybe you can get more value on the turn, but his check/call on the flop is fairly strong. And you don't have to get it in with top pair. Maybe you can induce something on the river.

      River is an easy call. You've underrepped your hand on the turn, and all his likely draws miss. Sometimes he has a set here, sometimes JT, but you're ahead here a ton of the time. Nice hand.
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