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bad play I think?

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  • bad play I think?

    The last few days I've been posting some hand histories here. main goal: see if there is a leak in my game. Found a few. Yay for all you who responded. I think this next hand is also one that probably should have seen the muck. Correct? Preflop, the suited KQ in the BB is attractive. It's vulnerable to domination by AK or AQ, I know. I'm not checking the BB to a few limpers though. But postflop, probably should have mucked to the shove? ------------------------------------------- keeping up with my poker semi-career:
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    on the first level of a tournament my preference is to raise 4 x plus 1 per you have two ip limpers, so I would have made it 120 to go. Thats just me though.
    You flop pretty good w/ the nut draw, and cbet, I like it.
    The button the jams..your just short of the odds (2/1) to hit your flush so long term this is a fold he's almost always gonna have at least the ace here.
    Now if you had made it 120 to go, then ur cbet would have been bigger and would have priced you into the call though.
    Good result here know the rest.
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      Hi Ov3rsight! Check preflop. You have an excellent hand to play in a multi way pot. You can make good top pairs, as well as nut straight and flush draws. And you're out of position against a bunch of limpers, raising doesn't accomplish much. On the flop this is about the only spot where your nut flush draw isn't flipping with top pair. When he jams you're getting only about 1.4 to 1 odds (gotta call 1400 into a pot of about 2000), so unfortunately you probably have to fold your flush draw. If he bluffs you with that's a chance you have to take. If he's super bluffy though, your nut flush draw can be ahead here, so against some players it is a call. Mostly since I don't have overcards to top pair, I would just fold here. When he jams 6x pot what do you expect him to have? I don't see a whole lot of draws shoving their whole stacks in here. Raising pot sure, but not the whole stack. , and similar combo draws are likely to be in their range to raise, but are they committing 70 BBs to it? If so, get it in. If not, fold.
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