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50c 90-player turbo

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  • 50c 90-player turbo

    This was a bit difficult for me. I have no read. I raised but still got plenty of callers. the board seem dry. the player on my right took a while before deciding to shove. I was not pot committed so I decided to fold. Did I raised enough pre-flop?

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    A tricky spot no doubt. No you probably didn't raise enough pre. I am also guilty of this far too often.

    If I was playing live at a higher buy-in then this shove would scream to me as a 2 or a flush draw, or a lower pocket pair, and as you are beating those then I would insta-call. As it is a thinking player might make this shove with a 7 because they know they will get loose calls at this level. Also a non-thinking player at this level might just shove a 7 as straight forward value bet.

    However given the card combinations that can actually have you beaten, and the flop texture that allows for many bluffing/semi-bluffing opportunities, I would be inclined to call here.


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      Hi ggervacio,

      These are indeed tricky situations when we get so many limpers. Using the standard method of 3x + 1 for each limper is 180chips. I do sometimes discount a little as you have done to avoid building a massive pot. But this is a turbo and early so there will still be alot of people looking to gamble and take a shot at a big pot like this. Once you get 1 callers the rest may follow as has happened.

      I think 3 lines we can take.

      Option 1 Limp behind see the flop, and see where we stand -- I think this line is way too weak with a big pair like JJ in a turbo. I would do this with a smaller hands with value like AJs, ATs, 22-99

      Option 2 Raise something close to our standard amount as you have done. Maybe 150 is better here though. If we get callers as we have done. The flop should determine our actions. Favourable flop (no over cards) we commit. Overcards facing a bet we fold. -- Given we will have overcards in the flop over half the time, we will still fold alot of hands here. But we still have option to win a big pot. I would do this with my big hands like AA,KK,AKs

      Option 3 Shove allin over all the limpers. -- I like to take this line when I think I have the best hand but it is vulnerable on the flop. Hands like AQ, TT, JJ. 50BBs is also quite alot for this line but this is a turbo, so we're here to gamble. Usually this line is a little reckless since people think we may only get called by better and we lose value from our hand. But I think this line is probably best here. We are late to act so only two hands left that can reasonable be better than ours, everyone else has limped usually this will rule out QQ, KK & AA (not always some people can't help but trap). So it is reasonable to assume in this hand we have been dealt the best hand preflop. On the subject of value. There is already 135 chips in the pot, when it's folded around we have 100% chance of winning those 135 chips, this is about the same EV we get when we flip vs overcards as a 55% favourite. Just as often though this is a turbo and people can't help but limp call allin here with their small pocket pairs thinking they're ahead or Ax or two broadways thinking we're bluffing. So most often we end up racing to double up as a big favourite. If we lose the race we load another turbo, we'll be in the same position in 6 minutes time.

      Given we have taken Option 2 preflop. On this flop I think we call allin here. I think this a bluff, semi-bluff or smaller PP way more often than it's a 7. That doesn't rule out someone else having a 7 and slow playing. But thats the risk.

      Thanks for the hand, very interesting.

      Anyone else like Option 3? Or is it just the inner LAG in me trying to break free :P


      Quad Bracelet Winner


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        Thanks for the comments guys. Now that I have more time to think about this, I think I would go for option 2 with a bigger raise preflop and call the all-in shove. I guess I was a bit scared leaving the tourney early.



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