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A,Q in position vs Unknown opp

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  • A,Q in position vs Unknown opp

    Hi! guys, $11 100k guarantee mtt Did I overplay this hand given that its just a 1 pair. In hindsight I think the size of pre-flop reraise wasn't very good. Cheers.

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    Hi Deadeyz! Preflop, to a min-raise (which could be a sign of strength if it is not the opp's std raise or if the opp was playing tight), I would flat in this situation. If I were to 3-bet, I would probably make the raise to 4200-4500 (3x their bet on the low end, their bet plus the size of the pot on the high end). The min-raiser calls. Flop is Q 10 7, so we now have top pair, top kicker. The opp checks and I like the idea of value betting here, as you did. I also like the size of it (between 1/2 and 2/3 pot is my standard here and your bet is right in the middle of the range). The opp calls again. The turn is a 2 of clubs and brings a flush draw. This card shouldn't have helped the opp and they check again. In this situation, I'm going to check behind for pot control. Min raise/call, check/call, check could be AA or KK and due to that, I want to control the pot and see what the river brings and re-evaluate then. With making a value bet and having the opp shove, they could have AA or KK. To call their shove, it's an extra 5658 chips into a pot of 44670 (12.6%). With top pair, top kicker, I'm calling here and hoping that the opp doesn't show up with AA or KK or any other hand that is ahead of me. It's too small of a number of chips to not call the shove with TPTK. The river is a scary card, as it completes a club flush and a straight, or could have hit two pair (10 9s or Q9s). I think with the opp's betting pattern, it's best to use pot control on the turn and then re-evaluate on the river. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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