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I let him get there

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  • I let him get there

    The river can be real ugly sometimes... Still... I wasn't going to shove preflop with this, and I wasn't going to shove the flop. Yes, he didn't have the proper stack for setmining, but we're close to the bubble and my stack could survive losing the chips for the preflop call. Anyways, he's never folding the turn here to a shove I guess, so I'm thinking there's no way I could have won this except for the shove on the flop. Correct? ------------------------------------------------------ keeping up with my poker semi-career:
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    I dont know if this guy was (cuttin loose) but i'm inclined to bet that flop smallish and hope he hit a K or under pair that doesnt believe my cbet.
    Obviously after his ace falls he'll never gonna let go, but you dont know he hit.
    I'd lead out again on the turn and either call an ai shove, or raise him ai at that point.
    He hit one of 4 nh
    My point is he's never seein the river w/o all his chips in there.
    As played, let it go probably. Your under boat just sank....
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      i think it's time to let it go on the river

      no need to call the river bet

      definitely your opp got an A or any pair above 5's because of his 3.5BB raise PRE. his giving you a strong message

      but the line you took is also the line I will take but the board doesn't helps sometimes.

      i will also check the flop so that he can hit something on the turn or try to bluff me

      the 3 K really put us in a bad situation because any pair above 5 we are doomed.


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        I didn't see value in betting the flop. Unless he has a K he's never going to call a bet, so I figured I'd give him the chance to bluff at it. I think this was the one in 12 hands that he sucks out. The other 11, all his chips are mine because the were going in whatever hit the river. I doubt he was ever going to let go of AA KK...
        The main reason I called the riverbet is because there's always a chance he'll try to bluff me off something representing the ace (he did raise PF) knowing any pocket pair I had was now counterfeited, and the fact that my stack could handle it if he did have the ace. At this level I have enough faith in my skills to know I can fight back, I'd still be 2nd in chips.

        Later this tourney I managed to crawl back from a 4BB stack to finally finish 2nd. Bit of luck of course, but I'm really getting the hang of this level

        keeping up with my poker semi-career:
        The Road to Fame and Fortune - Keeping track of my poker semi-career
        Keep up to date: @Ov3rsight


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          Hi Ov3rsight! Preflop, UTG opens to 3.5BB. Was this that opp's normal raise here? If not, it's notable, since it's out of character. If the opp was playing extremely tight and this is more than their std raise, then I'm going to muck here. If it's the std raise for the opp or they were playing very loose, then I like flatting here. On the flop, I get bottom full house to a board of KK5. The opp checks and with bottom full house, I'm making a value bet here. Having a K is definitely within a preflop raiser's range and also a pocket pair above a 5 is within their range. If they have a draw at a higher full house, I want them to pay for the opportunity to draw. When I make a value bet, Kx could also very easily come over the top with a shove and if so, I'm calling it. The opp could fold here too, which means that I would win the pot without risking another 3295 chips, which would happen if the opp shoves. On the turn, when the opp bets, I'm shoving here every time. If the opp has AA, AK or K5, I'll start a new tourney. As played, I'm folding the river. Ax or a pkt pair over 5's is well within the opp's range, and even though it's just under 20% of the pot to call, I'm saving my chips for a better situation. I wouldn't have shoved the flop, but I definitely would make a value bet. A 10 should fold to it (may or may not), but Ax is most likely not folding period, if they don't fold on the flop. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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