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    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    I have not played these for a few month due to the mad players in them. Had 1 game last night and the table i was on was great no idiots went out about 3000th due to a very good play by another player. This hand was just now i knew he was so loose i should have just jammed but due to the way he was playing he would have called anyway and i still would be out. Just thought i would share this so u can note if u come across him.

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    Perhaps my read on the hand is wrong, but I see nothing wrong with his play. He has a 4-to-1 advantage over you in bankroll, the limits are low, and he had a playable hand. You had a modest to poor hand in King-ten suited, which is group four. Four players got to see the flop at the same price as the big blind.

    This should have told you that the other players who made VPIP had a playable, but weak hand. I'm discounting the two blinds since they had no choice. Big had to play and if the small had anything over a group eight hand, he can see the flop cheap. So right now the hand has essentially one player forced, one player going ATC, and two with a playable hand.

    The flop comes up and gives you two pair. That is a great hand, considering the board. When two limped, you made a reasonably strong bet. You got two callers. Since you had the top two paired and nobody raised, the chances are the others had a pair, four-cards straights, or four-card flush.

    The turn did not improve your hand and also put an overcard on the board. You made a large bet and this eliminated one player. However, it kept your opponent in the hand. Now you're in a dangerous position. Two pair is good, but he could still have a stronger two pair. He only matches you since he is thinking you too could have the straight or flush.

    River gave him two pair and no possibility of the flush. At this point, he dominates. He also knows there is little chance you have an ace, so he feels confident. He has your bankroll beat and it is early enough that he can afford a push against a stronger player hoping you didn't have Ace-King or Ace-ten.

    In my opinion, you both played right, but he ended up with the stronger hand.


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      Okay, my bad. I should provide a bit more explanation regarding my thinking. Let's consider outs and what they indicate.

      King-Ten suited.

      Good potential for a stronger hand. Worth a call since the other players appear as weak.

      Top two paired, but nothing in your suit. Though you have a strong hand, your potential is very poor. You have 6 outs, which offers you a 24% possible improvement. Blinds and one player limp. Time to force the action and see if the others caught anything. One limper and big blind calls. Based on the betting, nobody has the set. Worse case - push.

      One overcard against you. Anyone with an ace is a potential threat. Your hand is not as strong as before. You still have 6 outs, which is a 12% chance to improve. However, if you do hit, it becomes the nut hand. Big blind limped, table has good players, he didn't catch and he doesn't have an ace. He folded. Caller still in hand. He has something or he wouldn't be remaining in the hand.

      A garbadge card. It offers no direct threat, but does offer additional risks. Question to ask is if the caller has caught anything. Since he raised, you must consider the potential of Ace-X for two pairs. Potentially, thirteen chances, which is a one in four possibility.

      Your Opponent:
      Ace-three suited

      Good potential for a stronger hand. Worth a call since the other players appear as weak.

      You have a four-card flush and a three-card straight. Two players in front, one limps, other makes a bet. Though the hand is weak, there is great potential. Hand has too many outs not to go to the turn. (9 outs for the flush, 12 outs for pairs. Viable potential of 84% chance to improve.) Call the bet.

      Hits top card. Hand is strong, but still needs help since opponent could have a higher kicker. Viable outs remains high. (9 for the flush, 11 for board pairs, and 3 for the remaining card. Chance of improving is 46%, which is a casino coin flip.) Remember, he is not aware that your hand becomes the nut if you hit. His true odds are 34%, or one in three. Worth calling since any spade gives him the boss flush.

      A second pair that offers no potential improvement to the board. At this point, he figures his hand is the strongest since he has two pair. Only thing that could stop him is a trip since he knows you have no ace. If you had two pair with one as the ace, the other player, (you), would have shipped everything. He figures his hand as the nut and bets accordingly.

      Now before you complain, switch places. Ask yourself one question: Would it be smart folding this hand? I'm thinking the answer is no, which means he played it proper. If you answer yes, where? Preflop was cheap, flop offered him the nuts, turn gave him top paired with four cards he could pair, and the river gave him the nuts since you told him you had no ace.

      He beat you with skill. It was a fair fight and you came out short. Accept the loss from a player who played the hand properly.
      Last edited by Cairn Destop; Mon Jan 09, 2012, 06:06 PM.



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