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Improving Bubble/Late MTT stage play

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  • Improving Bubble/Late MTT stage play

    Hello, I decided to post on the forum and hope someone can give me some advice that will improve my game on the bubble/late stage of MTT's. I played from 0.55 Buy to 5.50 - Since i don't really wanna go out of my comfort zone, well i mostly went into 5.50 Buy-ins cause i was really tired of those Ax / JTos shoves from Any position, but hey i realized they are everywhere, so i switched to a more tighter play early to mid phase by playing only premium hands vs those Ax wankers and Position+Favorable Pot Odds vs tight passive/ loose passive players/table. I think my biggest problem now is that i cant by any means find it in myself to switch to a more aggresive play in/after the bubble/late phase of a tournament, since till i reach that phase i see endless players with AA loose to a JTo or KQs [by a straight or flush draw] so i find myself 90% of the time in the bubble or late phase of a tournament being killed by the blinds [Turbo or Normal blind levels] since i find it hard to play that Ax / Mid-low pocket pairs, and when i do get a favorable hand on a nice position such as AKs / AKo [BU - SB or CO where all players fold to me or just call] by that time my stack is already at 9-12 BB and i find myself being called by 2-3 players and taken out like a rotten fruit Any advice would be really appreciated umbup:

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    You should note that your opening range should be drastically different in the early stages of a tournament to when you have circa 10bb, especially in later positions.

    Sorry for such a short answer but it's all I got ATM. There are many reasons why this is true but I am not adept at explaining them well. Take a look around and check out some of the posts from the more experienced members, as well as the training videos. And welcome to the forum.


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      I do realize that i need to loosen up later into the tournament, but actually inside my head something else is happening, i'm actually getting even tighter, i'm inclined to think that pressure is getting to me , well mostly fear of loosing lets say and i really want to change that but i really don't know how, i go to every live big tournament available to me here in Morocco - not to win them but to get myself in as much pressure as possible and learn to deal with it.

      Even tho now i'm just stuck, i play about 10-20 SnG/MTT per day where in SnG [45/90 only] i 90% reach the final table and only 20% actually win them, but with MTT its a lot different, 90% i do get over the early/mid stage with 60-120 BB+ and by the time i'm actually in the bubble or just after it i find myself with 12-15 BB and going down.

      If u can point me in the right direction as per where i should look in the forum to solve my problem or improve my play that would be awesome, and thank you for taking time to reply


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        try to loosen up a bit in the midstage, steal more in position when antes up, and play ur strong hands aggressive, when u raise a hand preflop continue bet often (even if no hit on flop) gl

        and btw, dont be afraid to raise ur pps or Ax in late position when folded to u, and if u get a call, continue bet, show u have a strong hand
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          Thanks for the info,umbup: ATM i'm trying to play a TAG style early and mid/late switch gear to a small ball approach, i'm not really good at it atm but i'm using every freeroll/micro MTTs to test and get more comfortable with this play.


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            Small balling takes a deep stack and confidence to play post flop poker as if you hold the nuts. Using it as a play variation is important to both your ability to play the player and not just the cards, as well as your table image when you show the 86s you raised from hijack on a winning showdown.

            In the mid and bubble stages just remember that most players are scared to spew any chips to an aggressive player and that includes large stacks. It can go against instinct but you need to put the foot to the floor in calculated manner at these stages. If you do get looked up you will know you either face a monster or someone wants to stop your aggression. Chances are they remember your smallballing but with any luck the time they look you up is the time you are betting premium on a connected flop the same way you bet the Ax to steal blinds last round.

            I still find myself on an M of 7 panicking about when im shoving a seriously open range so I know where you are coming from. But i have found that mid to late stage focussed aggression is getting me deeper with a larger stack.

            Now i just need to learn to win coinflips more often


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              go to the video archive and watch the lango and space gravy videos they cover the very points you have trouble with

              gl y all
              6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                Thank u guys so much for all the info, after doing some SnG to get better at late game and small ball poker, i decided to take action and actually test myself on an MTT and see if i got any better at this umbup: As for the results: PokerStars Tournament #496750446, No Limit Hold'em Buy-In: $2.00/$0.20 USD 895 players Total Prize Pool: $1790.00 USD Tournament started 2012/01/13 13:45:00 CET [2012/01/13 7:45:00 ET] You finished the tournament in 1st place. A USD 325.48 award has been credited to your Real Money account. So thank u guys for your effort in helping



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