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Did i take the right path?

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  • Did i take the right path?

    Sunday Storm... Is my 750 call with so many out has the correct pot/odd??? Is my value bet correct? Is my all-in call correct? Thanks in advance.

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    flop: you have 9 flush and 3 straight outs for 12 total, giving you about 48% to win. The pot odds are 750/1850 = 41% so yes, definitely the right odds for a call. You may even ponder a raise here.

    As for the allin call - you've come this far, it's gonna be hard folding a flush. Albeit a small one - if he has a flush, he has you beat. But he could have caught anything: flush draw, open ender, 2 pair.

    He flips over just what I said - 2 pair. Him catching his 4 outer on the river is just bad luck.

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      *** moved to more appropriate forum since member has a ? about a hand played JWK24***

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        PRE - yes i will call also, if you hit you might double up because your opp have more stacks than you

        flop - 1250 in a 2600 pot bet some more 75% of the pot 1950 is better to get more value and if your opp have straight draw he need to pay

        he moves all in of course easy call

        im sorry pre

        you will win this the next time


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          Hi Pinoy! Preflop, this is a great situation for a suited connector, seeing the flop for free. The flop gives a flush draw and also a gutshot straight draw. If all of these are true outs, then 12 outs are available, which at the flop is 12*4%=48% hand equity. I could make a case to either check or value bet here and that will be based on any reads on the opp. If the opp was playing passively, I'd more likely check and hope the opp checks behind. If the opp is aggressive, I would probably make a blocking bet here. With a check, the opp bets 750, so let's see if the call makes sense. For a call, it will take 750 chips into a pot that will be 2600 (28.8%). There is more equity in the hand than what has to be put into the pot, so I will make this call. The turn hits the diamond flush. I will bet here, both for value and to protect my hand against another diamond on the river, as if another diamond hits, the opp could easily have one higher than a 5. I'd normally bet about 1/2 the pot in this situation, which is what you did. When the opp shoves, the only current hand that is ahead is a higher flush... although there are a number of hands that do have outs against me (set, 2 pair, single higher diamond). I'm making the call here and if the opp does have a higher flush or draws out on me, then I say nice hand, and enter another tournament. Unfortunately the opp hits one of their outs on the river, but that's poker. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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            thanks everyone


            Good Luck at the table

            Need to grind the $1.5 NLHE 6Man to rebuild my bankroll.



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