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Pocket pairs and set mining

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  • Pocket pairs and set mining

    Question: I'm at a full table in a SnG, and I find I have a pocket pair. Now high pairs (K,A) I'm opening the pot from anywhere, late position, you can add T,J to that.

    If there's a limper before me, same story.

    If theere's a raiser before me, it gets interesting. The AA, KK I 3-bet him. But where do you draw the line between going setmining and raising him?

    If he has enough chips to allow for the setmining, lower pairs obviously apply, but where do you change from flatcalling to 3-betting?

    If he doesn't have enough chips, the options become 3-bet and fold, but again - where is the line?

    Of course there's no set line, but what are general thoughts? I'm personally thinking JJ and TT is too vulnerable to go setmining and too high to muck...

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    Plenty of views and no input yet. Anyone?
    The Road to Fame and Fortune - Keeping track of my poker semi-career
    Keep up to date: @Ov3rsight


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      Hi Ov3rsight!

      For me, this is a constantly moving point. It will depend on the players at the table, their style, stack sizes and where I'm at in a tourney.

      If I'm the one to open, then I like raising with whatever pkt pair I want to play from any position and use a std size, so the opp doesn't know if I've got 2 high cards, suited connectors or pkt pair.

      If there are players ahead of me that have limped, then I'll sometimes limp along, but will also sometimes raise with any pocket pair (will totally depend on how the players at the table are playing). For example, if I'm in mid with 77 and have 2 opps that have already limped in, I'll probably limp and setmine. If I know there are multiple opps playing aggressive and raise/shove every hand, then I'm mucking it early in a tourney... probably playing it later.

      Exactly what hands to limp or raise or 3-bet with, etc is a line that will vary with each and every table that I'm at and is constantly moving, even at the same table in the same tourney. It will totally depend on the situation for me.

      John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner



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