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Is this for real?

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  • Is this for real?

    I'm chip ldr with 14 left. This is enough to put me on tilt. Three hands in a row... I don't think I did wrong in the first two hands. looking back, I should have shoved the flop in the last one. Three hands later I made a raise for 3x with AJ off and got shoved on. I call, he shows TT, I'm out. *sigh* I think I need to file this one away as "not my day" ------------------------------------------------------------- keeping track of my poker semi-career:
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    Definitely don't open limp at the t75/t150 level. But yeah, not your day. Maybe tomorrow will be.


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      the first 2 hands is fine but 3rd one it would have much been better if you raise to 450 in that way SB and BB should pay to see the flop

      agree with panicky no more limping at 75/150 level. if your going to play just raise if not just fold.


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        Just 1 of those day were nothing works for you. 2morrow is another day


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          Hi Ov3rsight! In the first hand, I would have played this hand the exact same way, unless I had one specific read on the opp. If the opp was known to check/raise a number of flops, since Kx would be ahead of me, I would have checked back and re-evaluated on the turn. For the second hand, I make the exact same plays here. Raise preflop with JJ, then call the two all-in's. Both opps having an A is what I would want to see in this hand too, as that lowers the number of outs that the opps have against you. Really unlucky. In the third hand, I'm either std open raising or folding. I don't normally limp from UTG and wouldn't want to do that as since it's not my standard more, it will throw up a red flag to the opps. On the flop, with an OESD and an over pair, I would raise here and I would want to raise enough that it prices out a flush draw. With the 3rd opp having less than 1BB left, I'm assuming they will call, so I'll be in a 3-way pot if the SB calls. On the turn, the overcard could have paired the opp and put them ahead, but for 300 chips, I'm priced in and would call this bet. If the opp leads after calling a flop raise though, I'd be thinking that I may be behind and want to use pot control and call if the price is correct to do so. On the river, with the opp betting every street, I'm folding. They easily could have and A, Q or other hands ahead of 99. It could be a lower pair or a bluff too, which is another reason that I would raise the flop here, because that could make a low pair or air fold. I wouldn't have shoved the flop on the third one, but I would definitely raise. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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