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You have to get lucky

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  • You have to get lucky

    We all know that. So when I'm opening a pot with pocket 8 early in the tourney, I know I'm pretty much flopping good or letting it go. With this flop, I'm not letting go just yet - only one overcard, and it's a 9. What are the odds he holds a 9. In my case, 100%. But what in heck is that guy doing calling a preflop raise with a 6,9 off??? (edit: I later looked at his stats - the guy had a VPIP of 82%....) Once again, I like my preflop play, I like the c-bet on the flop. How do you feel about the shove on the turn? --------------------------------------------------- keeping up with my poker semi-career:
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    flop i dont like the lead with 3 players left to act

    if you think you want to continue i like the C/C for pot control

    nie hand sir


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      Hi Ov3rsight! Early in a tournament players will stay with ATC, so this always needs to be in the back of your mind. Also, the maniacs are still in, so you never know when someone's going to shove. Please note that my style is to play very tight early in a tourney, then open up more the deeper I get into one. I like the preflop raise and if I'm playing the hand, I'd do the exact same thing. On the flop with an overcard and two opps behind me yet to act, I'm going to check here for pot control. Someone could easily have a 9 and since I don't know if I have the best hand and am out of position, I would check in this situation. If I did c-bet here, which I would do if I was in position, I would have bet about 1/2 pot to bet for value and try to control the pot. Two overcards could call a c-bet here, but wouldn't bet more as there isn't a flush to have to price out. With one opp calling a c-bet and the board pairing on the turn, I would check here for pot control. If someone has a 9 or a 4 (A4 is definitely a hand someone would play early in a tourney), then I would only have 2 outs and don't want to take a chance betting when I'm behind. Early in a tourney, it's also very hard to bluff someone, as players will call with anything. It's always a good thing to get lucky though.umbup: John (JWK24)

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